Fast, Reliable, Secure: E-Discovery in the Cloud

Combining the advanced, end-to-end capabilities of the Ringtail e-discovery platform with robust, highly optimized hardware, Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS) gives legal teams the speed, power and security they need to manage all facets of document review projects in the cloud. Featuring simplified administration, object-level security and the latest document review technologies, Ringtail SaaS can improve the speed and productivity of any sized organization.

Built to deliver the efficiency and savings of cloud computing while also meeting the unique legal requirements of e-discovery, Ringtail SaaS transforms the way you manage and deliver e-discovery projects.

Ringtail SaaS Software as a Service - Client Data + Optimized

Ringtail SaaS

Built to deliver the efficiency and savings of cloud computing while meeting e-discovery requirements.

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E-Discovery in the Cloud

Learn about key considerations for moving to the cloud. 

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Ringtail SaaS provides users with:

Predictive Coding
Available as an optional, fully integrated module, Ringtail Predictive Coding delivers a refined and easy-to-use workflow with statistical sampling and a unique, visual interface which will transform the way you do document review.

Visual document review
From robust search to flexible review workflows, Ringtail delivers an easy-to-use, reliable document review platform for projects of any size.

Advanced analytics 
Ringtail’s advanced analytics give both team leads and reviewers strategic insight when they need it most: at the start of investigations and review projects.

Easy administration 
Intuitive functionality for case creation, user management, group administration, review workflows and reporting. 

Fast deployment
Delivered to law firms and corporations via a Web browser, legal teams can begin using the software with no hardware to install.

Each client's Ringtail private on-demand environment (POD) is secure, reliable and fully managed by FTI Technology.

Data privacy 
All datacenter services and storage remains under FTI’s control so Ringtail SaaS clients can confidently safeguard client data and adhere to data privacy regulations.

Budget certainty 
Ringtail SaaS delivers budget certainty with transparent and predictable pricing. The fully-integrated solution results in increased productivity and reduces hidden e-discovery costs. 

Better control over hardware spend 
Ringtail SaaS eliminates the capital expenditures associated with procuring, installing and managing rapidly depreciating hardware.

Seamless upgrades 
Ringtail’s SaaS deployment model ensures that legal teams enjoy optimal performance on the latest version of Ringtail.

World-class support from the 
industry leader
All Ringtail SaaS clients have access to expert support, via the online SaaS support portal and live customer support.