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FTI was engaged by a multibillion-dollar healthcare company that had recently received whistle-blower letters alleging widespread accounting irregularities in several of its worldwide operations. The investigation that followed required data to be secured in the UK, US, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, France and Germany. It also involved restoration of several years of back-up tapes, forensic drive imaging, a forensic accounting analysis and an international document review.

In order to meet the client’s requirements for review teams around the globe, FTI employed a customized Ringtail solution that enabled both the translation of foreign language documents into English using machine language translation and the native hosting of Korean documents.

The Problem

What began with whistleblower allegations against a multibillion dollar, U.S-based healthcare company with worldwide operations evolved into a broadly scoped, complex investigation that would involve exhaustive data collection, review, processing and production in various languages across multiple geographies. FTI was engaged by the audit committee of the healthcare company and its outside counsel that had recently received whistleblower letters alleging widespread accounting irregularities at the company’s Brazil location. FTI professionals spearheaded an independent investigation initially focused on the recovery, search and analyses of electronic data in various foreign languages.

Data originated from multiple sources including e-mail, voice mail, backup tapes, shared server files and databases on several continents including South America, Asia, North America and Europe.

An FTI Computer Forensic team set up operations on the ground in Brazil to head the investigative effort. The team proceeded with comprehensive data collection effort, including the forensic imaging of hard drives and the restoration of backup data. The immediate challenge involved the management of millions of Portuguese documents and files—nearly 30 GB in total. How should the relevant material be identified? How long would it take for technical translation into English? Where would the team find local attorneys and translators? And at what cost?

An Innovative Response

The FTI Computer Forensics team developed a novel method for reviewing the Brazilian documents and for processing the embedded Unicode character sets. First, the team loaded all the collected Portuguese documents in their native state into Ringtail Legal’s document review tool.

Next, FTI applied keyword searches in Brazilian Portuguese. The searches were created to identify a specific document set that was then turned over to a standard machine translation application to complete the English document conversion.

It was only at this point that attorneys became involved in the review process to check for responsive documents. The attorneys were able to leverage Ringtail’s advanced review functionality and native file processing technology in order to cull down the document population. Finally, the Computer Forensics team sent selected documents that were deemed potentially responsive to a Portuguese translation service.

Cost Savings

As a result of FTI’s innovative plan, its client was able to remove significant review expense from the discovery process. The initial 30 GB was processed into 260,000 documents and loaded into Ringtail Legal. The Brazilian Portuguese culling strategy was able to remove over 75% (190,000) from the initial population yielding 70,000 documents for review. At roughly $3 per document review costs, $570,000 was saved.