Client Satisfaction via Litigation Support Technology

Dorsey & Whitney demonstrates the utmost commitment to exceed client needs. To that end, the firm routinely teams with clients to focus on delivering high quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner, increasingly with the assistance of cutting-edge technologies and technology services. Its desire to leverage technology to provide client value prompted Dorsey to find a litigation support technology to manage various document reviews and productions that originate from the firm’s New York office and are likely to require teams spanning Dorsey’s offices globally.

Consequently, Dorsey chose Ringtail e-discovery software from FTI to accomplish the job. Over the past 12 months, Dorsey has been utilizing Ringtail—a web-based litigation document management and review platform providing geographically dispersed legal teams with instant access to every relevant case file—for tasks relating to data collection and harvesting from various sources, processing document collections and reviewing them, as well as producing the documents for court trials. After Dorsey’s deployment of Ringtail technology to manage the highly complex and diverse disclosure requirements carried out under a brisk discovery schedule for a $1.3 billion federal class action litigation consolidating four suits against the U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese global technology concern, Dorsey’s client obtained an order from the Southern District of New York in September 2006 denying class certification and strongly pointing toward the ultimate disposal of the litigation.

In another recent case indicative of the power inherent to the Ringtail platform, Joseph Perkovich, who directs Dorsey’s New York based electronic evidence and discovery practice, gathered together more than 270,000 files from 44 e-mail custodians, had them loaded into Ringtail in their native format, and began an expansive document production in the span of a weekend.

Cutting Costs and Shortening the Review Process

Mr. Perkovich and his colleagues relied on Ringtail sophisticated native file review capabilities for processing thousands of e-mail files from both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. The firm also used Ringtail to process and de-duplicate non e-mail files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft office files and user files, and then extract full text and metadata. Once all these files were loaded, Ringtail searches based on selected key words condensed an original document and file volume of more than two million into a document just shy of 400 pages. The Dorsey team saw the precision searching capabilities in Ringtail shorten to a few days an entire process that previously would have taken the firm a month or longer to complete, enabling them to meet all discovery deadlines with a production ensured to be limited to only the relevant and not privileged documents within the scope of the litigation.

In a separate case, Dorsey routinely needed to utilize the Ringtail production module to systematically cull and isolate relevant documents and database records in response to aggressive discovery tactics advanced in relation to class certification in the recent federal action concerning the U.S. subsidiary of the global technology concern. With the Ringtail technology’s enhanced, easy-to-use interface, the Dorsey team was able to navigate and administer the application in a streamlined fashion with few technical difficulties.

In the past, Dorsey had routinely encountered slow document review and production response times with previous litigation support systems, specifically when the firm needed to harvest massive document populations and review and produce them in a timely matter. Considering his firm’s experience with these various systems to warrant an accurate comparison with the Ringtail software, Mr. Perkovich praised key attributes of the platform as instrumental in enhancing processing performance and speed.

“Based on Ringtail's updated user interface and intuitive administrative setup, document loading occurred much faster than alternative products of this kind on the market and even the previous versions of Ringtail, which I had worked with in connection to investigations and litigations involving terabytes of data,” he says.

“The SQL-backend and the availability of any and all data from within one central, relational database are important when producing documents on-demand across multiple locations and time zones. From a consulting and expertise standpoint, the FTI team assisted us on constructing specific queries and searches, as well as producing various reports out of the Ringtail database. The ability to easily move any volume of data in and out of Ringtail’s SQL database, combined with the reliance on a very skilled and responsive third party consultant such as FTI, is invaluable. For high stakes litigation and regulatory work, I would be hard pressed to envision proceeding a different way. Over the past several years, the tandem of Ringtail and FTI has clearly proven, to my mind, to be among the premier options in the industry.”