The Challenge

What is the most efficient and cost-effective method to manage multiple matters involving a large number of custodians with extremely high data volumes? This was the challenge facing one large gaming industry organization. Its legal team understood the excessive costs and reliability risks involved with reprocessing the same information for each case. After all, the multiple ongoing matters involved vastly different issues and originated in numerous jurisdictions, yet the same key custodians were relevant to the majority of the cases. The company set out to find a solution that would enable the reuse of processed data and leverage the knowledge gained by working with the same documents to improve consistency and responsiveness on current and future matters.

The Solution

A multi-matter data repository allows the gaming company to collect and process its data only once, and then use that data for different matters. Where the knowledge gained is universal, such as the detailed coding for a privilege log or the identification of obsolete, redundant or trivial information, it need only be developed and paid for once. In addition, when the company faces multiple matters with overlapping issues, it supports the re-use of other coding decisions, such as confidentiality, trade secret redactions, or the relevancy of many standard reports and business processes.

Master data repository

To achieve this, FTI Technology created a highly scalable master data repository in its Ringtail e-discovery software. This acts as the staging database with all of the raw data, and also contains all of the TIF images, privilege coding, and other universal knowledge gained on each case. As new matters arise, the relevant data is migrated to a new matter case book in which specific legal review takes place. Coding decisions and produced documents are preserved and synchronized back to the master repository for potential re-use in future matters.


Besides eliminating the need to collect and process the same data over and over again, Ringtail provides numerous analytics features that also reduce cost and ensure higher quality reviews. As an example, on a recent matter the company’s legal team conducted a search of key custodian data within the master database using search terms. The data was then migrated into a new case book for review. Using Ringtail’s analytics, the legal team was able to take the new case book documents and “find similar” materials in the master repository. They also conducted a sensitivity analysis, comparing the custodian list against the individuals CC’d and BCC’d on a high volume of the custodian emails.

The Results

After collecting and processing over 3.5 terabytes (TB) of key custodial data only once, FTI Technology estimates that the gaming company has saved over $2 million in e-discovery fees due to the master repository, primarily from eliminating unnecessary duplication and review costs. Having relevant custodian data already collected and processed enables the legal team to respond more quickly to matters and gain greater intelligence and control. As an example, the master repository now enables the gaming company to begin legal review within two days of receiving a new matter.