A company was ordered to produce documents, which required review of almost ¾ million documents, 30 terabytes of data – with only four months to produce the relevant information. Half of the documents were paper-based and needed to be OCR’d, and a good portion of the data consisted of records residing in the company’s proprietary database. In addition, legal review was required to determine privilege and to redact confidential information. Given the type of matter, the legal team knew that the majority of the data set, which exceeded 50 million pages, would need to be produced. The company needed a solution that would find relevant documents quickly, and be scalable enough to handle one of the largest productions ever performed internally by a law firm using Ringtail.


After reviewing several proposals from various service providers, the company opted to use the litigation support services from its law firm handling the case, Jackson Walker. Not only was the firm’s bid less expensive, but the Jackson Walker (JW) team already had extensive knowledge of the key themes of the matter.


With Ringtail, the JW team met the court’s deadline and reviewed, redacted and produced over 30 million pages within a four-month timeline, and the remaining 25 million pages in a rolling production over the next six months. Using the agreed-upon search terms, in-house lawyers and paralegals reviewed the documents for privilege and redacted information as appropriate. The firm’s well-defined workflow helped manage the rolling review and production, and kept the company client updated with JW’s progress. Short of regular IT systems work or delays in receiving data transfers from the client, the Jackson Walker team was able to work around the clock and produce up to one million pages per day. “Working on hundreds of discovery matters over the years, Jackson Walker has gained considerable expertise in handling electronic information and developed a discovery workflow for our clients,” said Duane Lites, Director of Litigation Support at Jackson Walker. “It is deeply reassuring to our clients, as well as to our firm, that with Ringtail, we can scale to meet any client’s need.”

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