Meeting today's e-discovery challenges requires legal teams to be nimble, informed and prepared.

At the heart of every e-discovery project is the search for key facts and key documents. These "keys" not only drive your review strategies but, more importantly, your case strategies. Find the facts late and your case suffers. Find them early and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Better understanding of the facts and importantly, the strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Build and reinforce story / themes from the beginning
  • Build stronger case strategies earlier
  • Know what to protect and what’s worth negotiating over
  • Review more consistently because you know your story
  • Know what posture to take given underlying facts from the beginning
  • Negotiate more confidently
  • Reduce surprises

With a patented, visual approach to document review and analytics Ringtail helps reviewers quickly identify the key facts associated with any matter.

Integrated analytics means facts can’t hide.

Colorful, interactive and easy to use, Document Mapper eliminates the drudgery of hunt and peck review methods and replaces them with a fun, engaging workflow that improves both review decisions and case strategy.

More than static pie charts and graphs, Ringtail’s interactive visuals help your team answer a bevy of questions with the power of the following features:

  • Visual document review with Document Mapper allows reviewers to examine similar documents at the same time via concept clustering.
  • Large-scale visualizations rapidly narrow the data universe to help you quickly determine what's important and exclude what is not.
  • Visual Predictive Coding substantially improves the speed, quality and consistency of review projects while also delivering profound time and cost savings.
  • "Multi-dimensional" metadata analysis quickly identifies intersections in the data to hone keyword analysis and prioritize review.