Data Mapping For Privacy & Beyond

Moderated by Jake Frazier, FTI Consulting

A Proactive Approach To Improving The Risk Posture Of An Organization Financial services firms have traditionally been tightly regulated and thus better prepared for compliance activities than other sectors—but not without challenges. The volume of Data Subject Access Requests (“DSAR”) coupled with vast amount of personal data collected and stored has made responding to new regulatory deadlines far from easy, especially knowing where all the data resides, how the data is being used, and its contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations. The answer is “Data Mapping”—a crucial backbone for compliance and overall health of a financial services firm. Let’s look at how this process can improve the risk posture and bring value to an organization.

  • Revisit an understanding of Data Mapping and traditional uses (identify risk, enable privacy compliance, PIA’s DSAR)
  • How this will bring value to all areas of the organization (governance, training, e-discovery, and even providing value during M&A)
  • The who, what, and hows needed to facilitate the project

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