The reliance on technology and connectivity has made cybersecurity a critical business issue.

With reports of major breaches surfacing with alarming frequency, Boards and C-Level management are increasingly looking to Legal to implement programs that help the corporation prepare for, and reduce fallout from, inevitable cyber incidents. How can in-house counsel implement the right measures to minimize damage to the corporate reputation, loss of key data and legal and regulatory penalties? And how can you make sure your team is not already behind the ball at the time of incident detection?

Attend this presentation by data protection and cybersecurity experts to learn about:

  • Building a proactive program by mapping out the risk landscape and requirements early
  • How to lead and drive the process, who to involve and what to include
  • Knowing what to prioritize; conducting a vulnerability assessment and identifying your organization’s critical assets
  • Practical tips for making malicious actors’ jobs harder


Anthony J. Ferrante, FTI Consulting
Head of Cybersecurity and former Director for Cyber Incident Response at the National Security Council at the White House

Deana Uhl, FTI Consulting
Ms. Uhl provides consulting to corporate clients, with a focus on designing, implementing and enabling change management for information governance, data privacy, data security and e-discovery programs. Ms. Uhl has particular expertise in advising oil and gas companies on the processes and technology to effectively address legal and regulatory matters and improve information quality and life cycle management to support operational excellence.

Tom Crouch, Cisco Systems
Tom Crouch is based in the Bay Area and is Director of Legal Services at Cisco Systems. He specializes in Global Data Privacy and Data Protection, with a specific focus on Cisco’s $12 billion Services business.

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