The pandemic has affected us all in many ways, personally and professionally. Like any major event, the impact of the pandemic and its ripple effects will be studied for many years to come. This holds true for e-discovery.

Virtually overnight employees around the globe made the shift from in-office to at home work. Along with at-home distractions, came accelerated adoption of cloud-based collaboration and communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What used to make up a minor portion of discoverable data has now come to the forefront. Cloud-based communication data is no longer emerging, it has emerged.

During this webcast the data experts from FTI will examine the impact of rapid change in our discoverable data make-up. Attendees will learn:

  • Data trends resulting from work from home policies
  • What the shift in discoverable data means for legal teams
  • How to adapt and adjust data management policies
  • Approaches to analyzing rich media and fragmented chat strings using AI


Tim Anderson
Managing Director, FTI Technology

Jeff Braislin
Sr. Manager, Product and Solution Marketing, FTI Technology

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