Slack. Snapchat. WhatsApp. Beekeeper. Uno Noteband. The next “big thing” app you’ve never heard of but is guaranteed to give you headaches in the near future. You get the picture. It’s getting harder to piece together all of this “new” data with the “old” data from traditional email and corporate networks. The problem is that as organizations grow more global, mobile and collaborative, more of the critical interactions are taking place in the “new” data format. Effective investigations (regulatory compliance, internal, etc.) require the ability to easily and quickly gather and understand this “new” data in context with the “old” data.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to put some method around the data madness. Attend this webcast to learn how:

  • New tools are enabling easier connections to “new” data sources
  • Analytics that use visual representations can help cut through clutter and pinpoint important data quickly
  • The wealth of metadata available in this “new” data, combined with smart workflows, are providing 360 degree views into activities

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