Corporations need to respond daily to a variety of investigation projects and regulatory requests. Whether large or small, local or remote, quickly assessing the details of a large collection of documents is the new day-to-day reality for compliance and legal teams. The Radiance visual analytics platform provides these teams with a highly scalable analytics platform that brings clarity and meaning to the investigation quickly. Fast and powerful, Radiance helps organizations rapidly connect, visualize, and assess key themes and files associated with the investigation.

The Radiance Workflow for Investigations

Radiance is ideal for teams who are concerned with finding facts, determining scope, framing timelines of critical activity and identifying the people and organizations impacted by an investigation. Much more than a simple culling tool, Radiance allows teams to quickly analyze vast sums of information to radically reduce data while also discerning critical facts across disparate repositories. Using Radiance, teams can:


Radiance can collect data from a wide variety of public and private cloud based sources including:

  • Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, Box, and more
  • Local file shares, e-mail servers, legacy file systems, Nuix cases, StoredIQ exports and more


The Radiance enrichment process can create high quality investigative workspace via:

  • Rapid deduplication
  • Concept and entity extraction
  • Classification of documents in more than 50 languages
  • Identification of social networks, communication patterns and e-mail threads.


Easy to use, integrated visualizations cut through dense and complex data to reveal insights into:

  • Social networks
  • Relationships between individuals and organizations
  • Key terms and phrases in the data set
  • Dates and date ranges


Powerful advanced search and browse features allow for rapid exploration, filtering and analysis of:

  • File types and volumes
  • Custodians
  • Correspondence
  • Social network
  • Languages