A leading cryptocurrency exchange was facing a lawsuit filed by a customer who sought damages for funds lost on the exchange. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice was selected to conduct an investigation into the matter and provide expert testimony to the court.

Our Role

FTI Technology’s experts investigated the accuracy of the opposing party’s claims. In leading the investigation, the team provided the following:

  • Expert forensic analysis of the opposing side’s transaction logs to determine exactly what steps the plaintiff took while interacting within his account with the exchange.
  • Analysis for the court to demonstrate the client’s operational functionality within its technology stack. This included comparison to competitors, to verify that the client’s controls were at least as strong and sufficient as industry standard. This analysis found that the client had extra layers of the operational function above and beyond that of the competition.
  • Investigation into the opposing side’s deposition testimony to match against transaction logs and verify the validity of the plaintiff’s testimony.
  • Uncovered that the opposing side’s actions were responsible for causing the unauthorized access that led to the loss of funds.