Our Role

Given FTI Technology’s deep expertise in the blockchain space, the client engaged the Blockchain & Digital Assets team to develop the program architecture, write and deploy smart contracts for it and validate the new processes. An ongoing project, the work is enabling the company to immutably track thousands of steps and millions of transactions relating to product shipments between the U.S. and Canada.

To date, the solution has included:

  • Creation of a blockchain solution architecture designed to assemble all the data about a product shipment all in one immutable repository on the blockchain.
  • Advising and guidance to socialize the new system with partners and the client’s ecosystem of providers.
  • Identification of smart contract needs, writing customized smart contracts and auditing smart contracts. FTI Technology maintains access to client systems for continual monitoring, tracking and fine tuning of smart contracts.
  • Custom APIs to actively measure and report product details on-chain.