[[Kate]] A managed data governance & security services solution that implements your standards and extends your program.

Delivering consistency, quality and cost-effectiveness across your entire litigation portfolio.

A lean, conscientious approach to everyday matters and deep experience for the big problems when they arise.

The opposite of one-size-fits-all

We tailor our service to your existing program to support your operations across a variety of matter sizes and types.

An extension of your team

Continually tuning our structure to reflect your needs, the FTI team becomes an extension of your team, while at the same time using our [[Kate]] data governance & security expertise to create efficiencies within your program.

A reduction in spend and increase in value

Familiarity with and focus on your matters allows FTI to deliver value while minimizing total spend across your litigation portfolio.

What to expect when you engage with FTI:

The FTI engagement experience:

[[Kate]] Best-in-breed e-discovery software with FTI expertise

  • Industry-leading platform for fast and strategic processing, analysis, review and production of ESI
  • Adept and secure handling of diverse data collection sizes and types
  • Best in breed for advanced analytics, including predictive coding

Uniform service, communication and reporting

  • Regular communication and reporting
  • Standardized, repeatable processes
  • Relationship management across internal teams and external players
  • Comprehensive training

Predictable budgeting, low overhead and cost sensitivity

  • Consistent, predictable costs upfront
  • Diverse and flexible pricing models
    • Block-based pricing
    • Alternative fee structures
    • Task-based billing
  • Commitment to minimizing total cost across portfolio of litigation

Strategic Consistency

  • Facilitate your strategy with respect to e-discovery decisions across all matters and with all players
  • Leverage institutional knowledge of your matters to monitor your processes
  • Identify and evaluate areas of departure from your set policy to protect against oversights

[[Kate]] Your E-discovery Program in Reliable, Expert Hands

  • Data security strictly monitored and protected
  • High level support with fast response times always available
  • Regular maintenance and application upgrades covered

Managed Services Offered:

  • [[Kate]]
  • [[Kate]]
  • E-discovery Services
  • Managed Review, Including Foreign Language
  • Internal and Regulatory Investigations
  • Project Management
  • Overflow Staff and Services
  • Software Management and Maintenance
  • Software and Process Training