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Case Study

FTI Technology’s Connect Delivers Rapid Insights Across Millions of Documents from Emerging Data Sources in IP Theft Matter

A technology company that develops artificial intelligence and autonomous transportation solutions engaged FTI Technology to lead e-discovery and document review in a dispute relating to departing employee theft of intellectual property. In addition to their e-discovery needs, legal counsel and stakeholders from the organization’s compliance team needed experts who could investigate and uncover specific data that contained IP across multiple data sources within the client’s environment and the opposing party’s environment. FTI Technology’s team of emerging data sources experts applied the firm’s proprietary Connect platform to drive quick access and insights into technical files and other sources of IP stored in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Blog Post

Understanding How Analytics and Linear Review Can Coexist

Despite increasing adoption of new technologies in the legal space, the vast majority of legal teams are still not implementing analytical tools in a way that can truly make a difference to alleviating their overall e-discovery burdens and growing expenses.

Blog Post

Sophie Ross Discusses FTI’s Approach to Unlocking Foreign Language E-discovery

Given the global nature of e-discovery today, the need to review documents in multiple languages is a challenge facing an increasing number of corporate legal teams. Even the most sophisticated legal departments, with fine-tuned e-discovery processes, still struggle with the review phase when non- English language documents are involved.


Managed Review Overview

From initial project planning to completion of your matter our managed review experts deliver comprehensive legal review with laser focus on lowering the total cost of discovery.


Use it, Don’t Lose It: How Usability Impacts Legal Review Costs

View this webcast to assess your review process and learn a few simple ways to cut down on the time and resources needed to drive a document review.

White Paper

Metrics that Matter

What do Van Halen, M&Ms and metrics in e-discovery have to do with one another? More than you might think.

White Paper

Advice from Counsel: 13 Ways Your E-discovery Manager Thinks You Can Reduce E-discovery Spending

What if you could ask 25 of the most experienced e-discovery managers from the Fortune 1000 for their advice on reducing e-discovery costs? That’s exactly what we did, and we’re sharing the results.


Client Saves $1 Million with Acuity Managed Review

Acuity Managed Review and Predictive Coding helped a defense company under government investigation collect, review, and produce nearly 2 terabytes of data.