The industry’s first visual review experience is now even better with Ringtail

Attenex pioneered the innovative combination of machine learning and visualization for document review more than ten years ago. The iconic Document Mapper interface was created in partnership with attorneys handling large-scale document review projects. Every design decision was measured by a simple, but effective, metric: document decisions per hour. Today, Document Mapper continues at the vanguard of review speed and accuracy.

Redesigned and improved for a completely browser-based experience, the visual review capabilities of Document Mapper are now backed by the robust, enterprise-grade e-discovery platform of Ringtail.  Users now benefit from the industry-leading scale, search and production capabilities that make Ringtail the “go to” solution for law firms and corporations during their largest, and most complex, matters.  The result is a document review experience that maximizes reviewer efficiency while remaining the industry leader for effectively managing large and complex matter requirements.”

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    Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Built to deliver the efficiency and savings of cloud computing while meeting e-discovery requirements. 

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    Press Release: Ringtail 8.3

    Secure, self-serve private cloud deployment option and improved review workflow provide...

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    2014 Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software

    Gartner positions FTI Technology as a Leader. 

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