As data volumes grow globally, tougher data privacy laws are increasing demand for multi-lingual reviews, adding a new dimension to the cost and complexity of legal review.

When you think about outsourcing review, there’s a lot to think about.

Cost v. Quality

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s easy to gravitate toward low hourly rates but equally important to understand they may come with hidden costs. Do the rates include everything to complete the process – including reviewers, predictive coding, hosting? Will the results be defensible? Will there be multiple vendors involved at various stages? How the process is managed is equally important as the speed and accuracy of review. Hourly rates and line item pricing decoupled from an efficiently managed review process can ultimately result in higher overall costs and potentially impact review quality.


The technology used plays a big role in review efficiency. The faster you can get to get to key facts, the sooner you can develop case strategy. Acuity workflows utilize easy-to-use visual analytics, concept clustering and advanced predictive coding in Ringtail e-discovery software to reveal key facts fast and with more depth than standard review methodologies. Key documents and themes can be pinpointed within days of a review starting and document decisions per hour skyrocket with the ability to:

  • Look at documents not based solely on keywords
  • Quickly summarize data and visualize trends
  • Simultaneously view multiple decision points to speed quality control and ensure accuracy eliminating the possibility of re-review

Additionally, the FTI team can deliver adjunct technology services globally – from collection through production – reducing the time and potential risk associated with multiple vendor handoffs.

In an ever growing global economy intertwined in litigation and multi-jurisdictional compliance, matters that require foreign language expertise and translation services are deftly managed with the Acuity workflows and our multi-lingual review attorneys. The ability to quickly find relevant data in multiple languages, translate in line and deliver results are securely powered by Ringtail.

Review Management and Review Teams

Matters rarely start and end in the same spot. Some of the greatest efficiency can be gained with workflows designed for a specific case type, or that can be adapted as priorities and requirements change. Our expert review managers bring real-world experience to each project and are uniquely qualified to advise on workflows in collaboration with counsel to maximize efficiency and accuracy from start to finish.


What You Can Expect from FTI Managed Review

Our Acuity flexible workflows and strategies in unison with concept-based review have been proven to drive review efficiency. We deliver more depth than standard review across a variety of case sizes and types from investigations to Antitrust litigation and Second Requests. When you’re up against tight timelines, massive data volumes and need to deliver quality, defensible results – we can help.

Reduced Total Cost

Reduced total cost of review

The combination of speed, efficiency and quality assurance delivers consistent cost reduction without increased risk.

Flexible Workflows

Flexible workflows

Can be adapted dynamically to meet the evolving demands of any matter.

Review attorneys staffed by FTI

FTI-staffed review attorneys icon

We recruit and retain a core team of qualified review attorneys trained on our platform, processes and a variety of case types.

Increase Document Decisions Per Hour

Increase document review decisions icon

Visual analytics and concept clustering unique to Ringtail e-discovery software allow reviewers to increase document review speed and move through large data sets hours, days and weeks faster than linear review tools.

Multi-lingual review teams

Multi-lingual review teams icon

Eliminates the need for translation with the ability to review in native format.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing icon

Flexible, transparent pricing options reduce surprises and avoid runaway costs.

Centralized Project Management

Centralized Project Management icon

Reduces time spent managing multiple vendors, coordinating logistics and risks in multiple hand-offs.

Proactive Review Management

Proactive review management

Real-time status reports and daily updates ensure your project stays on schedule.

Global Data Centers

Global Data Centers

With offices in every major business center, FTI can deploy teams anywhere in the world in adherence with data privacy requirements. On demand delivery in North America, Europe and Asia.