Predictive Discovery

Predictive Discovery from FTI Technology

Predictive Discovery is a complete predictive coding solution. Building upon FTI’s patented intellectual property and decade of experience with technology assisted review software development and workflow, Predictive Discovery is a unique and proprietary combination of attorney expertise, advanced technology and statistical quality assurance.

Predictive Discovery includes:

  • Attorney Input for Expert Training and Quality Results: We work with an attorney or subject matter expert to review small subsets of the collection that is used to help train the software.
  • Predictive Coding Technology: The Predictive Discovery software uses the training set to score similar documents in the collection. The higher the document’s score, the more likely it is responsive. The model can be similarly trained to code documents for privilege or other issues in the matter.
  • Expert Statistical Quality Assurance to Ensure Coding Accuracy: Recall and precision, the key performance indicators (KPIs) of discovery efficacy, and the resulting coding decisions are monitored and checked by statistical sampling and validation.
  • Quality Control through Visual Verification that Removes the “Black Box”: Unlike other solutions, Ringtail uses two types of machine learning so reviewers can visually assess the output and see potential inconsistencies in responsive or privilege decisions.

The above infographic represents findings of a survey commissioned by FTI Technology of law firm leaders and senior corporate counsel on the emergence of predictive coding. 

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