The Corporate Repository

With support for more than tens of millions of documents in a single repository, Ringtail enables clients to manage collected information for multiple matters while also controlling the unique requirements for each individual matter. Collect, process, review and privilege code only once, and then reuse the information when new matters arise.

Ringtail Managing Multiple Matters

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This enables companies, and law firms managing multiple matters for a single client, to:

  • Eliminate cost: Collection, processing and privilege review need only be done once for key custodians’ documents.
  • Reduce data volumes: Global de-duplication and e-mail thread de-duplication quickly removes unneeded data.
  • Conduct early case assessments (ECA): Ready access to all data enables better and faster analysis and case strategy using Ringtail’s Analytics suite.
  • Save time: Get a jump start on matters without the need to collect, process and review for privilege.
  • Improve consistency: Privilege coding decisions are consistent across all matters.
  • Leverage attorney work product: See the history of how key documents were coded in similar cases and reduce the time required to review new, un-coded documents.