Ringtail delivers a unique visual approach to document review and predictive coding that helps legal teams quickly and defensibly master projects of any size. If you think you know Ringtail, think again.

Harness the Power of Predictive Coding

Give your team the technology edge they need to cost-effectively meet the demands of today’s exploding data volumes and time constraints. The Ringtail predictive coding module was built in close collaboration with e-discovery leaders in both corporations and law firms resulting in an intuitive, visual interface that is suitable for a wide variety of everyday projects.

  • Transparent workflow provides simple explanations and clear objectives to keep legal teams on track.
  • Classifier training can be completed with small sets of documents thanks to Ringtail’s active learning and easy-to-use progress reports.
  • Flexible coding model enables use on a wide variety of criteria including responsiveness, critical issues, confidentiality or privilege.

Ringtail delivers a unique, visual approach to document review and predictive coding to help legal teams master small, medium and large projects quickly and defensibly.

Ringtail Document Mapper

Visualize and review search results, binders or assignments with Document Mapper.

Seeing is Believing with Visual Document Review

Increase the accuracy and productivity of your review team with visual document review. 

Document Mapper™ allows reviewers to more quickly navigate and review search results, assignments and binders by exploring the conceptual relationships between groups of related documents.

  • Increase review speed and coding accuracy.
  • Uncover key or hidden facts more quickly.
  • Quickly isolate and remove non-responsive documents. 
  • Effectively resolve machine (e.g. predictive coding) and human coding inconsistencies.
  • Webcast: Predictive Coding and Analytics Combined

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    Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Built to deliver the efficiency and savings of cloud computing while meeting e-discovery requirements. 

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Get to the Point Faster

Quickly identify relevant and privilege terms via custom color multi-hit highlighting. Ringtail provides review teams with a multitude of simple ways to better understand and more efficiently code documents.

  • Create unique color codes for a wide variety of search term lists including meet and confer, hot documents and privilege terms.
  • Works with all search types – from basic to Boolean – eliminating the burden on individual reviewers to build and manage matter specific searches.

Ringtail Multi-Hit Highlighting

Identify relevant and privilege terms in the same document using custom color multi-hit highlighting.

Ringtail Management Console

Effortlessly manage cases, groups, security, workflows and reporting from one central administration page.

From Self-Service to Full-Service

Whether installed locally, accessed via our subscription Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, or utilized as part of a fully managed service, Ringtail meets the needs of a broad spectrum of legal teams.

  • Ringtail On-Demand is a managed service administered by Ringtail experts that enables your team to focus exclusively on the document review process and not the technical details.
  • Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS) provides your team with a monthly subscription to Ringtail software in a private cloud that quickly scales up and down to the demands of your projects.  
  • Ringtail On-Premise gives legal teams ultimate control over the Ringtail experience, including hardware and software optimizations.