Collection of Cloud Data

Cloud data presents new challenges for legal and IT teams responding to discovery requests. It is typically managed offsite by a third party, rather than under the physical control of the company. The myriad of cloud repositories and social media sites, all with different preservation policies, make it difficult to assess the size of the data and its content. Traditional collection tools can’t search, preserve and collect cloud data due to its technical architecture. And, very little case law exists on the proper handling of cloud data for e-discovery.

From Google Apps such as Gmail and Google Docs, to popular social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, expert collection services from FTI Technology can quickly collect and preserve your cloud data in a defensible manner. Using proprietary software, tools, and proven methodologies, FTI Technology has preserved, collected and produced over 8 million documents from the cloud for hundreds of legal matters.


Collection of Cloud Data Overview

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FTI Technology enables you to:


Find keyword-responsive documents using proven FTI methodologies and tools.


Create cloud data archives to uphold preservation obligations.


Specific point-in-time documents or the last document version can be collected by custodian, timeframe or keywords.


Collected documents, including metadata, are transferred to Office format for processing and review as part of a standard e-discovery process.