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Advice from Counsel:
The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook

We asked thirty corporate e-discovery leaders to share their insights for the fifth annual Advice from Counsel study. From strategies for operationalizing e-discovery processes to in-house resourcing and software trends, the Advice from Counsel study provides practical advice for rookies and experts alike.

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    Advice from Counsel: 13 Ways Your E-Discovery Manager Thinks You Can Reduce E-Discovery Spending

    What if you could ask 25 of the most experienced e-discovery managers from the Fortune 1000 for their advice on reducing e-discovery costs? That’s exactly what we did, and we’re sharing the results.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors; Kate Holmes and Mike Kinnaman, FTI Technology

    E-Discovery in Asia – what are the emerging best practices for handling the legal, regulatory, cultural and technical challenges?

    Download this whitepaper to learn the key survey findings, areas of practical concern for multinational corporations and law firms, and expert perspectives on the evolving legal, technical and cultural landscape impacting e-discovery in the Asian region.

    By Asian Legal Business Magazine and FTI Technology

    Advice from Counsel: The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook

    F1000 corporate counsel share advice about how corporations manage their e-discovery programs in this annual survey.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors; Kate Holmes and Mike Kinnaman, FTI Technology

    Think Green: How Multi-Matter Repositories, Done Right, Can Save Cost Through Litigation Lifecycles.

    Download this short paper to learn more about assessing whether a multi-matter repository could provide your company quantifiable cost savings and key considerations for developing a defensible multi-matter repository.

    By Robert Omeljanivk, Senior Managing Director and Eliot Davidoff, Director, FTI Technology

    Advice from Fortune 1000 E-Discovery Experts: Achieving & Maintaining E-Discovery Fitness

    Download this report to see new survey results from Fortune 1000 e-discovery experts and benchmark your e-discovery fitness against industry averages.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors

    Seeing is Believing: Using Visual Analytics to Take Predictive Coding Out of the Black Box

    Download this white paper learn more about confirming predictive coding results. 

    By David Grant, FTI Technology

    Discovery Shifts to the Cloud: Rewards and Perils for Your IT and Legal Teams

    Adoption of Cloud computing continues to gain momentum, impacting every segment of the technology and legal worlds. Download this white paper to learn key e-discovery factors to consider as your organization transitions to the cloud.

    By Joel Jacob, Managing Director, FTI Technology

    Can Predictive Coding Add Value to Your Case?

    Landmark cases including Da Silva Moore have resulted in rulings favorable to predictive coding. But is this proven process right for your case, or will it add more problems than it solves? Download this white paper and use its 10 guidelines as a quick self-assessment.

    By Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Director, FTI; John Murdock, Senior Director, Technology-Assisted Review

    Game Change: Reevaluating Collection Processes in the Wake of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network Ruling

    Download this white paper to learn key considerations for implementing two main collection methodologies – physical collection vs. logical collection.

    By Veeral Gosalia, Daniel Roffman, Ian Smith, and Erik Hammerquist, FTI Technology

    Advice from Counsel: Trends that Will Change E-Discovery (and What to Do About Them Now)

    Download this white paper to learn about where e-discovery is going, and what you can do today to better prepare for these changes.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors

    Advice from Counsel: Can Predictive Coding Deliver on Its Promise?

    FTI Technology commissioned an interdisciplinary survey of law firm leaders and senior corporate counsel to identify key trends and perspectives on the emergence of predictive coding.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors and Joe Looby, FTI Technology

    The Experts Weigh In: E-Discovery Strategies for International Anti-Bribery Investigations

    Download this report to learn and compare strategies for navigating the technological, legal, and cultural barriers of conducting an effective cross-border investigation.

    By Severin Ian Wirz, Independent Legal Consultant

    Advice from Counsel: An Inside Look at Streamlining E-Discovery Programs

    Download this white paper to learn the top advice from peers for creating effective e-discovery programs.

    By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors

    Attorney Review in the Enterprise: Choosing Deployment Options

    Download this white paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group, and better understand the key considerations for each legal review model.

    By Enterprise Strategy Group

    Budgeting for E-Discovery: Understanding Pricing Models for Cost Control and Transparency

    Download to learn how to more effectively budget for an e-discovery program that best suits your needs.

    By Sophie Ross, FTI Technology