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A large energy industry company planned to acquire a competitor. Given the size of the companies and the likely impact of the deal across the market, the companies anticipated regulatory scrutiny in the form of a Department of Justice (DOJ) antitrust “Second Request” investigation.

Facing large data volumes, a tight deadline and pressure from regulators, the company and its law firm turned to FTI Technology for a holistic e-discovery solution.


The FTI Technology team leveraged its expertise working on complex Second Request investigations to offer a complete e-discovery solution.


With a focus on speed, cost control and quality, the FTI Technology team fulfilled the DOJ’s Second Request requirements within the timeframe, and ultimately saved the client more than $10 million in costs. By partnering with the law firm and company, advising on the use of predictive coding, and securing the DOJ’s approval to apply predictive coding, FTI Technology demonstrated its market leadership and dedication to customer service. Through a fluid, high-stakes regulatory investigation, the FTI Technology team exhibited tremendous flexibility, creativity and adaptability, even as directions changed.