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A large US manufacturing company announced an acquisition of a competing company based in Europe, and faced antitrust investigations from both US and European regulators. The data spanned the globe and a number of formats, including cloud-based Microsoft Office 365.

Having worked with FTI Technology on numerous Hart-Scott-Rodino “Second Request” investigations, the company’s global law firm selected FTI Technology as its e-discovery partner.


FTI provided an end-to-end e-discovery solution for the US and EU regulatory requests.


The FTI team delivered quick results for this high-stakes matter. With an eye for quality and cost-effectiveness, the FTI team began with data volumes of 11 million documents and through culling and the predictive coding, greatly reduced the document set. High-quality reviewers, utilizing advanced analytics tools, became a go-to resource for the legal teams as they learned new facts and as case strategy evolved. In total, the matter began with 11 million documents and around 500,000 documents were produced to regulators, all within the deadline.