Computer Forensics

Today’s litigators understand that, long before you can even think about the burden of proof, you must consider the duty to preserve. Whatever action your company is facing—from a regulatory compliance issue to an electronic evidence preservation order—FTI delivers proven expertise in computer forensics to help you collect, and make sense of, essential data to present the strongest possible case.

In complex legal proceedings, a company’s data are open to scrutiny by parties looking to uncover damaging information. With deep experience handling complex multinational litigations and investigations, the computer forensics professionals at FTI focus on the needs of companies facing time-sensitive situations involving electronic data, networks and systems. We help organizations meet requirements for collecting, analyzing and producing data from a variety of sources, including e-mail, voicemail, backup tapes, social media, the cloud, shared server files and databases—often on multiple continents. We provide both proactive and reactive support using expert services, methodologies and tools that help companies and their legal advisers understand technology-dependent issues.

FTI has a keen understanding of the risks and roadblocks associated with complex legal proceedings—we understand the intricacies and implications of company data under legal scrutiny, and the international protection and privacy issues that apply to electronic documents in these contexts. Our technical experts work closely with our forensic accountants and financial investigation professionals to efficiently recover, organize and analyze electronically stored information—regardless of the format or language of that data. Our teams include highly focused specialists with both in-the-field and in-the-courtroom experience. We have participated in some of the world’s largest front-page civil, class action and government litigation projects and corporate investigations.

Case In Point

FTI assisted an international company in response to a regulatory investigation and related litigation involving more than 60 custodian’s email and electronic files. Hundreds of DVDs and numerous external hard drives were indexed and compiled into a comprehensive online review environment. FTI supported about 200 reviewers, comprising multiple review teams, across 5 client offices located throughout Europe and the United States. This engagement utilized advanced processing, review, and production technologies. Notably, 2.5 million documents were electronically deduplicated to 1.3 million documents.

Identification, Preservation, & Collection

Experience You Can Trust

We provide both proactive and reactive support using expert services, methodologies and tools that help companies and their legal advisors better understand technology-related issues. Our technical experts work closely with our forensic accountants and financial investigation professionals to recover, organize and analyze electronically-stored information (ESI), regardless of the format or language of the data, and forensically reconstruct complex transaction data.

Our professionals understand the intricacies and implications of company data under legal scrutiny, and the international protection and privacy issues that apply to electronic documents in these contexts. The bottom line for you? We can help design defensible strategies to collect and analyze data.

Our rapid response teams are located in Europe, North America and Asia, and can be deployed at a moment’s notice to help respond to your preservation and collection needs.

Collection of Cloud Data

Data stored in the cloud presents new challenges for legal and IT teams responding to discovery requests or investigative needs. The cloud is fast becoming a common source of relevant ESI but is typically managed offsite by a third party, rather than under the physical control of the company. The myriad of cloud repositories and social media sites, all with different preservation policies, make it difficult to assess the size of the data and content. Traditional collection tools can’t search, preserve, and collect cloud data due to its technical architecture. And, very little case law exists on the proper handling of cloud data for e-discovery.

From Google Apps such as Gmail and Google Drive, to popular social media or networking sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, expert collection services from FTI Technology can quickly collect and preserve your cloud data in a defensible manner. Using proprietary software, tools, and proven methodologies, FTI Technology has preserved, collected, and produced over 8 million documents from the cloud for hundreds of matters.

Rapid Results

With speed and discretion, FTI Technology partners with clients to develop a strategic, systematic, and economic approach to investigating the myriad of potential data sources. Organizations can quickly understand and act upon the data in preparing for the meet and confer meeting or to develop legal strategy. Our cloud discovery expertise, combined with the accessible nature of cloud data, allows organizations too rapidly, and cost-effectively, begin collecting data from cloud applications.


FTI Technology professionals utilize defensible tools and methodologies to ensure the cloud collection process is forensically sound. In addition, FTI Technology can develop courtroom materials that clearly explain the collection evidence and methodology, including affidavits, exhibits, as well as expert testimony.

Trusted Global Leader in E-Discovery

Cloud collection services offered by FTI Technology are tailored to the specific client needs of each matter. Whether a small internal investigation, or a large global matter that may result in litigation, FTI offers a depth of experience in delivering tangible results for clients. In addition to publishing regular white papers, industry articles and books, FTI professionals are actively involved with thought leader groups such as The Sedona Conference, EDRM and the e-Disclosure Information Project.

As a global company, our professionals can quickly deploy from our offices across the world to uncover key facts behind the matter. Clients benefit from our extensive experience managing global matters, including adherence to foreign data privacy laws, cultural awareness, and multilingual capabilities.

FTI Technology is a practice of FTI Consulting, Inc. With over 4,400 employees located in 26 countries, FTI professionals work closely with clients every day to anticipate, illuminate, and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management, strategic communications and restructuring.

All of this is conducted in a defensible manner, with chain of custody intact, and minimal disruption to your employees and business. FTI Technology experts can also provide expert testimony on the cloud collection methodology and results.

Collection & Review of Social Media

FTI mobile ediscovery consulting video
Watch a video about FTI's social media collection and review services

Social media has quickly become an important source of information and evidence in e-discovery. But unlike e-mail, documents and spreadsheets – whose locations, formats and metadata are well understood, social media presents a myriad of new challenges to legal teams who need to review this critical information. If your team is looking for a better way to review social media alongside e-mail, documents and spreadsheets, look no further than the FTI Technology computer forensics team.

Experts in a wide variety of social media – from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to the newest social media apps - the FTI Technology computer forensics team can quickly and defensibly collect, process and load social media into Ringtail, our award winning e-discovery software platform.

FTI Harvester for Microsoft® SharePoint® Collection

Preservation and collection of documents during litigation is a challenging job for corporate legal teams; over-collection brings higher review costs downstream and under-collection risks missing key documents integral to the matter. Increasingly SharePoint sites are a central focus point for collection activities. The great number of ways in which SharePoint can be configured and used often creates collection challenges for the corporate legal and IT teams when trying to identify what documents particular custodians have accessed or modified.

FTI Harvester for Microsoft Sharepoint collection

Custodian-Based Collection and Preservation

FTI Harvester is a patent-pending integrated technology and services offering that provides corporations with a quick, comprehensive ability to collect and preserve documents from SharePoint with confidence. Rather than a simplistic keyword search across a variety of internal SharePoint sites, FTI Harvester focuses on key custodians, ensuring a focused, streamlined collection. By working closely with the corporate legal team, FTI Harvester helps eliminate costly rework and unnecessary deduplication downstream by identifying the necessary documents for review and production as early and effectively as possible.

Non-intrusive technology, allows the corporation to focus on its core business. FTI Harvester works closely with SharePoint security and Microsoft Active Directory to find and preserve all critical documents associated with a legal matter—without disrupting existing network systems and security policies.

Interactive review with counsel ensures accuracy and completeness. The scope and results of the collection are fine-tuned via initial report evaluation before the actual collection takes place.

Dramatically reduces duplicates in the collection by limiting the collection to a single instance of a unique document. Unique 128-bit file names, combined with a tertiary level of SharePoint metadata, help eliminate name and network duplication traps.

Rapid deployment and predictable costs make this service instantly accessible to your corporation. FTI Harvester can return results within a day’s time (for a small sized collection) or in less than a week (for a large sized collection). In addition, the service can be deployed either on-site or off-site, depending on your requirements.

Fits within the EDRM workflow and provides a data export which can be imported into any major litigation tool. The export is also augmented with SharePoint information, providing a primary set of source data which can be preserved and revisited for additional culling (if needed).