New Case Management Portal, Redesigned Review Workflow, and Ease of Use Enhancements

Ringtail 8.3 includes a variety of usability and performance improvements and a completely redesigned case management dashboard. This portal enables project administrators to control all aspects of their e-discovery project via an easy-to-use dashboard. With Ringtail 8.3, teams can quickly create, manage, and prioritize review projects and all supporting tasks from data import to production.

Ringtail Management Console

  • Webcast: A Ringtail 8.3 Overview

    Ringtail 8.3 features a new case management portal designed to improve the speed, precision.

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    Ringtail 8.3 Overview

    Discover Ringtail's new case management portal, redesigned review workflow, and ease of use enhancements.

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Upgrade today to benefit from the following features:

  • Simplified case management portal improves the speed and efficiency of Ringtail administrators. The redesigned case management portal delivers ease of use and improved productivity to litigation support teams, making the creation, configuration, and tracking of all e-discovery projects breathtakingly simple. Improved usability includes organized case home page, new hierarchical task menus, navigation “breadcrumbs” and a quick-link sitemap. 
  • Redesigned review workflow automates quality control and powers defensible review projects. Ringtail’s review workflow enables legal teams to automate best practices for a wide variety of review types providing an efficient and defensible layer of quality control on all review projects.
  • Faster concept clustering means faster review and improved productivity. With the ability to visualize search results, binders, or assignments, Document Mapper clusters like documents together to help reviewers analyze similar material and make faster and more accurate document decisions on large groups of documents. In Ringtail 8.3, Document Mapper clustering is now 10x faster than in previous versions.
  • Ease-of-use enhancements improve speed and performance of Ringtail Analytics and search. Ringtail 8.3 also includes a number of feature enhancements, including additional search options, reduction in coding clicks, and a redesigned UI for Ringtail Analytics to put the power of advanced analytics closer to the review team.

Improved Search and Review Gives Reviewers More Power

  • Document renditions can be searched quickly and easily. Reviewers can instantly switch between base documents, all document renditions, and all produced versions of those documents.
  • One click issue tree coding improves the speed and document review.
  • Reviewers can directly add issues to a project from the Ringtail documents interface. 
  • Advanced search now identifies a document’s associated workflows, phases and assignments.
  • Document search gets more powerful with support for search by document ID and an extended range of search operators.
  • Ringtail 8.3 exposes more meta-data for more fine grained decision making by review teams. New views include: Document level indexing information, Search histories, and Object notes.