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Information Management 5/18/2018

10 Ways Organizations Can Succeed With Data Remediation Taking control of enterprise information through a data remediation program can dramatically reduce enterprise risk and costs.

eWeek 5/7/2018

As GDPR Looms, Enterprises Must Lock Down Security, Data Privacy With the General Data Protection Regulation ready to go into effect, enterprises share insight into avoiding common pitfalls when implementing programs that better protect their organization from risk.

ISACA Journal 5/3/2018

Building Bridges With the Board—Innovation in Information Governance IT professionals and enterprise board members live in two very different worlds. Boards worry about strategic concerns such as revenue, share price and brand reputation, whereas IT staff are paid to deal with operational challenges such as those stemming from big data, cyberthreat actors and cloud usage. Bridging the gap between these strategic priorities and day-to-day concerns to initiate an organization’s technological transformation can seem insurmountable.

Legaltech News 4/23/2018

Contracts Are More Than a Document: Finding the Value in Your Data A 2018 CLOC panel explored how to use data like contracts and intellectual property to drive company value outside of common legal work.

Legaltech News 4/10/2018

The Essential Ingredients to Rolling Out a Global E-Discovery Playbook You need experienced people, advanced technology and targeted processes—and there isn’t one that’s more important than the others.

Texas Lawyer 3/27/2018

A Look at the Data Issues Energy Industry Counsel Face this Year Counsel at oil and gas companies are often sitting on large volumes of information, which can be problematic for many reasons. Data hoarding presents challenges across data protection initiatives, electronic discovery activities for litigation and investigations, and importantly, compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other global data privacy legislation.

LJA Magazine 3/19/2018

Interview of Stéphanie Lhomme and Thomas Sely in the LJA magazine [French] Stéphanie Lhomme and Thomas Sely have been given the opportunity by the LJA magazine (French Business Lawyers Letter) to discuss FTI Consulting’s different areas of expertise and underline the positioning of both the Forensic Technology as well as the Forensic & Litigation Consulting practices.

CMS Wire 3/16/2018

GDPR Compliance Requires Looking at the Big Customer Data Picture Independent of GDPR, many large organizations have implemented master data management or other multi-year data governance programs to obtain a single, cohesive view of their clients and the data they store on their behalf. These efforts are often part of know your customer (KYC) initiatives in industries that must protect against fraud and money laundering. But this can be very difficult to achieve in practice and requires much more than implementing a system.

Bloomberg Law 3/1/2018

Mobile Device Forensics: Discoverability Across Physical and iCloud Collections As workforces grow increasingly remote, spread across borders in hundreds of locations, corporations are seeking ways to simplify how they collect user data for electronic discovery needs.

Legaltech News 2/26/2018

Thanks to the IoT, This Isn’t 2006’s E-Discovery FTI’s Jake Frazier and Relativity’s David Horrigan break down why internet of things discovery is different, preservation issues and more ahead of a Legalweek panel.

Bloomberg Law 2/23/2018

Data Issues Keeping Counsel Up at Night (and Concerns for 2018) Steps to enabling a healthier organization and easing the burden of concerns around data privacy, migrations, storage and preservation.

Corporate Counsel 2/22/2018

GDPR Still a Top Concern, but Some Global Legal Departments Play the Waiting Game The GDPR has caused no shortage of uncertainty, and some legal departments are playing it out by waiting it out, according to a new survey.

The Legal Intelligencer 2/20/2018

Privacy by Deletion: Five Steps to Reducing Data Risk When it comes to data retention practices, most companies are stuck in limbo, balancing competing needs between providing easy access to data for business and regulatory purposes and safeguarding data against leakage and breaches.

La lettre des juristes d'affaires 2/19/2018

FTI Consulting strengthens its Investigations and Forensic Technology team with Nicolas Delestre [French] The demand for our anti-trust investigation services continues to grow; whether its compliance audits, merger control or dawn raids. To support this we have grown our Intelligence and Forensic Technology team with the addition of Nicolas Delestre as a Forensic Technology Director in Paris alongside Thomas Sely and Stéphanie Lhomme.

The Lawyer 2/5/2018

Perfect Storm: Navigating The Compliance Landscape in 2018 The first half of this year will see a wave of new regulations, prompting companies to rethink their data strategies

The Global Legal Post 1/31/2018

Hogan Lovells joins forces with FTI Consulting on data governance International law firm Hogan Lovells and global business advisory firm FTI Consulting have teamed up to launch a combined offering for contract intelligence and other data governance solutions.

Legaltech News 1/18/2018

Thanks to the IoT, This Isn’t 2006’s E-Discovery FTI’s Jake Frazier and Relativity’s David Horrigan break down why internet of things discovery is different, preservation issues and more ahead of a Legalweek panel.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 1/11/2018

Managing the Triangle Globally Don’t focus on just the technology at the expense of people and processes.

Compliance Week 1/9/2018

Responding to "Right of Access" Requests Under GDPR Much of the concern around the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has focused on the potentially astronomical fines—up to 4% of global turnover—a company could suffer for failing to meet the GDPR’s stringent data privacy requirements. Of course, the key to avoiding those fines is preventing a GDPR violation in the first place.

Computer Business Review 1/5/2018

Incident Response for Hidden Cobra and State-Sponsored Threats The Internet truly has no borders, and threats from the other side of the globe can quickly impact U.S. interests. Historically, cybersecurity operations have relied on a reactive approach – implementing intrusion detection systems, network rules and alerts, and reacting to red flags or incidents. In today’s landscape, those steps are still important, but a much more proactive and strategic stance is necessary to keep pace with the rapidly advancing abilities of state-sponsored threat actors like North Korea.

ILTA 12/18/2017

A New Hope: How to Leverage Office 365 to Mitigate GDPR Risk Legal teams today must understand the ramifications of cybersecurity events, ensure compliance across a complex global regulatory landscape and manage the strain of ediscovery expenses, not to mention that they must also work with IT on initiatives that were once foreign to lawyers.

Legaltech News 12/1/2017

Energy Sector Vet Says Strong Info Management Means Better Security and Compliance In the energy sector, data breaches can be tremendously consequential. Breaches abound with the potential for physical disaster as well as inadvertently revealing lucrative information, so there’s little room for cybersecurity follies.

Law Technology Today 11/30/2017

How to Protect Corporate Data from Loss or Theft by Employees Keeping corporate data safe is an increasingly difficult task; one of the biggest risks that a company faces comes from within: its own employees.

Law Journal Newsletters 11/29/2017

Five Smart Steps to Prepare for GDPR Data Subject Rights Many corporations around the globe are preparing for May 2018, when Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement kicks in. The regulation encompasses a wide range of nuanced privacy requirements that can be challenging to operationalize. In particular, requirements around the rights of European data subjects — which include the right to be forgotten and rights to access, rectification and objection to processing — will be some of the most difficult to address.

CFO 11/27/2017

Do You Know Where Your Leases Are? Complying with the new lease accounting standard will require collecting data from lease contracts across numerous locations and geographies.

Yahoo 11/24/2017

Cyberwar is our era's Cuban missile crisis. We need to de-escalate, now. Earlier this year, America’s most famous investor, Warren Buffett, characterized cyberattacks as a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons, calling them “the No. 1 problem with mankind.”

Cyber Defense Magazine 11/10/2017

Cyber Resilience in 2018: What to Watch

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/1/2017

Redefining the Client-Centric Approach Daryl Teshima and Wendy King, a senior managing director and managing director at FTI Consulting, Inc., pride themselves on their ability to listen. It’s one of the ways their company distinguishes itself, they say. FTI focuses on finding the right solution for each client, not fitting the client’s needs into the available solution they happen to have on hand.

New York Law Journal 10/30/2017

Vulnerability Management: A Holistic View Our ability to protect our networks requires a complete understanding of the vulnerability ecosystem.

Risk Management Magazine 10/3/2017

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Big Data Analytics Security information and event management systems have long been the foundation for many organizations’ information security programs. While they remain an essential part of ensuring and maintaining strong cybersecurity, they need improvement to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Power Magazine 10/1/2017

Why CrashOverride Is a Red Flag for U.S. Power Companies Organizations across every industry today face a wide range of cyber threats and serious security challenges from various vectors. A top concern among these is the persistence cybersecurity experts are seeing among advanced threat actors—either cyber criminals or nation state hackers—looking to conduct demonstrable harm to the national security interests, foreign relations, or economic posture of the U.S., or to the public confidence, civil liberties, or public health and safety of the American people. Previous attacks have shown that these people are motivated, highly capable, and constantly improving. The damages they leave in their wake are substantial.

ACC Docket 9/27/2017

Balancing Global Conflict Between Privacy and Preservation Starts with Information Governance Once a data management program is off the ground, with privacy and preservation teams working collaboratively, it must be well maintained. A sound IG program is only as strong as its enforcement. Ensuring compliance with retention and disposal policies is in and of itself an intensive process, but there are a handful of practices that will help legal teams build long-term success into their overall IG programs.

ISACA Journal 9/8/2017

Instilling a Culture of Security Starts With Information Governance Maintaining change and enforcing adoption of new processes is critical to shaping a culture of security that grows and strengthens over time.

ISSA 8/15/2017

Battening Down for the Rising Tide of IoT Risks How the Internet of things has evolved over the last two decades and the security risks that have emerged as a result.

Law Journal Newsletters 7/6/2017

Five Ways Legal and Compliance Teams Can Benefit from Office 365 Migration

Legal and compliance groups have a lot to gain from features within Office 365, and equal or greater risk if the process is not conducted in the context of strong legal and regulatory guidelines.

Legaltech News 7/5/2017

Then There Were Many: FTI Enters Contract Intelligence Services Market

With its newly launched Contract Intelligence Services, FTI Technology looks to leverage its reputation and relationships to compete with a growing number of contract vendors.

Security Info Watch 6/15/2017

In-House Advice for Tackling Data Security Risks Security and risk executives are beginning to consider how to create an information governance framework that protects data while staying adaptive to the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Corporate Counsel 6/14/2017

Using Information Governance Strategies to Prepare for the GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in roughly one year, yet many multi-national companies are still behind in preparing for compliance.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 5/18/2017

Ready for an Upgrade? What you need to know about Microsoft Office 365

Understanding the information governance and e-discovery options available in Office 365.

Law Journal Newsletters 4/5/2017

Making Sense of New Data Types in the App Age

While the threat of "big data" — massive amounts of data inside an organization — has cast a shadow over IT and legal departments for several years, the real challenge can oftentimes be the variety. It's why we believe the real challenge is less about "big data" and more about "new data types" — that quickly defeat traditional collection and review tools and strategies.

Australasian Lawyer 3/24/2017

What’s the future of predictive coding in Australia?

While adoption in Australia is quickly evolving, the industry continues to question and debate the extent to which predictive coding results can be defended and whether it is truly a reliable method for more effectively leveraging the effort of human reviewers in e-discovery.

Agenda 3/23/2017

Tech That Defends Directors

Whether seriously or in jest, we’ve all heard, “There’s probably an app for that.” Well, technology experts say board members should know about — and encourage senior managers to deploy — new apps and computer programs that could help fend off lawsuits that charge directors with negligence or poor oversight.

Agenda 3/23/2017

An E-Discovery Expert Gives Tips to Directors Jake Frazier speaks to Agenda about the board's role in mitigating lawsuits involving electronic records.

Raconteur 3/23/2017

Mitigate risk by simplifying contract management

Organisations can expose themselves to massive risks, costing millions of pounds, if they don’t fully grasp the contracts they’ve inherited in an acquisition or properly manage the auto-renewals of their business contracts

Bloomberg Law 3/16/2017

Counsel and the Cloud: A Lawyer’s Role in Office 365 Migration A guide to addressing data security risks and legal requirements during a migration to Office 365.

Information Week 3/15/2017

Best Practices in Information Governance Enforcement

Technology is a necessary piece in an information governance program, but you also need to employ best practices that will help with enforcement.

Ethical Boardroom 3/13/2017

How the general counsel can shape information governance

Information governance is often thought about in the context of IT efficiency, data security and regulatory compliance. While it is true that these are the most critical drivers for executing data governance programmes, there is an equally important factor that deeply resonates with a corporation’s board and C-suite: reputational risk.

Corporate Counsel 3/6/2017

Achieving Information Governance Enforcement: Ensure Policies Aren’t Left to Collect Dust

A lot of organizations have created general information management policies, which are typically owned by the records or knowledge management teams. These policies include a retention and deletion schedule that in theory should be defensible, and address legal hold and compliance needs. But in practice, these policies typically cannot be executed upon or maintained.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 3/3/2017

A Tactical Take on IG

Hands-on information governance solutions provide quick wins and a strategic road map.

Corporate Counsel 3/3/2017

Achieving Information Governance Enforcement: Engagement, Enablement and the Change Journey

After years of wading through increasing data challenges and the unpredictable evolution of cyber security threats, corporations are increasingly considering the importance of information governance.

Digital Forensics Magazine 3/1/2017

Network Permissions Jim Scarazzo helps us to understand the steps to collect and evaluate folder access data to streamline complex E-Discovery efforts.

CFO 2/21/2017

Like Herding Cats: Corralling Data During a Restructuring

Information governance isn't top of mind during most restructuring planning, but ignoring it can have devastating financial consequences.

ILTA Peer to Peer 1/16/2017

Skills You Need To Climb the Mountain of Data Challenges Sound information governance (IG) procedures are critical to broader legal, compliance and IT strategies. IG helps maintain compliance, reduce e-discovery costs, streamline large data volumes and bolster cybersecurity. Strategic and documented IG can also be helpful in defending data retention practices against motions for sanctions during litigation.

Computer Business Review 1/11/2017

Information Governance Considerations with Office 365

Sonia Cheng discusses important considerations corporate IT, legal and compliance teams need to address before the move to the cloud occurs.

ACC Docket 11/7/2016

How to Safeguard the Crown Jewels in the Age of Information Security Threats Not all enterprise data is created equal, nor should it all have the same protections. Well-publicized data breaches, from customer credit card information to employee health records, highlight the increasing need for companies to better secure sensitive data. However, many organizations lack executive support for information governance, and others feel hampered due to their legal or regulatory profile.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/10/2016

Facts First, Facts Fast, Facts Found

The National Law Journal 7/4/2016

In FCPA Investigations, Cooperation is Complex

Self-reporting has benefits, like control over the process, but it can be disruptive and revealing.

Asian Legal Business 3/1/2016

The Cyber Threat

Legaltech News 1/29/2016

The Pre-LTNY Innovation Roundup: Legal Tech Company News to Know (Part 1)

Eight companies attending Legaltech New York preview their latest new releases, upgrades, coming attractions and more.

Legal IT Professionals 1/28/2016

FTI Technology Launches Radiance Software Platform

New Jersey Law Journal 1/4/2016

Building a Proportionality Defense Under the New Federal Rules

The latest round of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) went into effect in December 2015. The explicit addition of proportionality – the determination of how the cost and burden of collecting evidence for the case weighs against the matter’s overall value – to Rule 26(b)(1), which governs the scope of electronic discovery, is likely to arm defendants with stronger arguments against collecting certain electronic data for a matter. Here are some of the strategies our clients are implementing to help argue for proportionality in civil litigation.

Legaltech News 10/20/2015

Gartner Ranks E-Discovery Vendors in Three Separate E-Discovery Use Cases

The “Critical Capabilities for E-Discovery Software” study scored 20 vendors in six different capabilities.

Corporate Counsel 9/29/2015

When The Walls Have Ears: 3 Ways To Leverage Recorded Audio Evidence

Like everything else in e-discovery, recorded audio evidence should be approached holistically, and in carefully planned stages. By first focusing on addressing reactive issues and ensuring that the expectations of regulators are met, and then moving toward attainable, proactive information governance initiatives, corporations will be more successful in driving meaningful change.

New Jersey Law Journal 9/16/2015

Building Blocks for Efficiently Handling Structured Data in E-Discovery

When tackled strategically and with the right approach, leveraging structured data can increase e-discovery efficiency and provide valuable information about document sets that might otherwise be invisible or lost.

Inside Counsel 8/7/2015

Four Steps to Shed Light on the Information Governance Black Hole, Part 1

Can legal teams leverage existing and emerging information governance projects for their own e-discovery needs?

Inside Counsel 8/1/2015

The Text Mess Age

Employees who use text messages for business purposes create headaches for inside counsel.

Bloomberg BNA 6/25/2015

Text Message Insight - Bloomberg BNA

The authors explain why companies and their counsel must understand the unique challenges
that the preservation and discovery of text messages pose compared to more traditional
data sources, such as e-mail.

Compliance Week 5/19/2015

Hurry-Up Offense on Employee Surveillance

Employee surveillance is one of the most sensitive—and yet, rapidly evolving—areas of compliance for financial services firms today. Initially a response to regulatory pressure, surveillance obligations are now becoming an integral part of a robust internal control system.

451 Research 3/26/2015

FTI goes granular for information governance, takes Ringtail e-discovery to IBM

Analyst firm 451 Research publishes a report on FTI Technology’s momentum within the e-discovery industry and recent launch of Information Governance services.

MarketWatch 3/9/2015

Don’t send another email until you read this

MarketWatch outlines the growth of the e-discovery industry and leading software and services firms, including FTI Technology.

Information Management 3/4/2015

Forensic Files: Lessons from Real Cases

Complex investigations that gather data from personal devices and social media accounts can be “hit or miss.” Here are the ins and outs of real BYOD and social media investigations.

KM World 2/4/2015

Visualization: The New E-Discovery Paradigm

Our brain better understands data quickly when it is presented in a visual form, rather than list view. You can spot trends and inconsistencies much faster and reduce the overall cost of a very expensive endeavor.

Corporate Counsel 2/3/2015

3 Steps for Eliminating E-discovery Redundancy

While data re-use is a very effective solution to some of today’s most cumbersome e-discovery challenges, it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Download this article to find out more about the best practices for effectively re-using attorney work product across multiple matters.

Law 360 1/12/2015

Compliance Trumps Litigation In Asia E-Discovery

FTI Technology e-discovery expert, Veeral Gosalia, shares study results on emerging trends in Asia.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 1/6/2015

Information Governance: A “Must Have” Tool

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Jake Frazier, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting.

Law Technology News 1/6/2015

FTI Technology Unveils Info Gov Services

FTI provides new services for information governance lead by industry veteran Jake Frazier.

Fierce Content Management 12/24/2014

Information governance, snowflakes and data overload

Resolving runaway data growth

Law Technology News 11/21/2014

Cost-Saving E-Discovery Tips From Fortune 1000 Companies

Study finds large corporations are directly engaging e-discovery tasks and applying data analytics to save costs.

Corporate Counsel 11/21/2014

E-discovery Managers Make Their Wish Lists

Insights provided by 25 e-discovery managers from Fortune 1000 corporations.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/1/2014

Strengthening the Corporate-Law Firm-Service Provider Dynamic for E-Discovery

Strong working relationships between companies, law firms and ser¬vice providers are essential to the suc-cess of e-discovery projects. Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews FTI Technology’s Jessica Block on best practices for improving working relationships and collaboration across these key stakeholders.

Today's General Counsel 9/30/2014

The Challenge Of E-Discovery In Asia

A study of trends and challenges tied to e-discovery in Asia, based on a survey of experts from corporations and law firms conducted by FTI Consulting and Asian Legal Business Magazine.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 9/10/2014

Quality Managed Reviews: The Secret Of Success

A managed review offering delivers more than just contract attorneys. Kathryn McCarthy and Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Directors in FTI Consulting’s Technology practice spoke with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on the merits of managed review and shared their insights.

The National Law Journal 9/1/2014

Tech is Litigants' Boon, Not Profession's Doom

David Horrigan of The National Law Journal explores why assisted review is merely one way for attorneys to find their way through mountains of evidence.

The National Law Journal 9/1/2014

Tools Let Attorneys Follow the Breadcrumbs

In this special report on predictive coding, The National Law Journal explores how analytics applications can help litigators identify surface patterns that point to the key evidence.

Law Technology News 8/26/2014

ILTA Exhibits Got Rhythm in Nashville

New product and services debuted at ILTA conference include Cicayda's Reprise and Intapp's Flow.

Peer to Peer Magazine 7/30/2014

How to handle the big data problem like Abraham Lincoln

Why infographics and the need to present and interpret data visually are not new concepts.

Law Technology News 7/28/2014

Webinar Examines E-Discovery and Preservation Costs

Exterro hosted a webcast that examined e-discovery and better-safe-than-sorry preservation costs.

Inside Counsel 7/28/2014

Using smart phone location services to help solve investigations

Inside Counsel explains why mobile devices are an integral part of any legal team’s strategy for e-discovery and forensic investigations.

Law Technology News 7/21/2014

Learning Software Is Like Making Pancakes

Law Technology News Vendor Voice: JR Jenkins of FTI Technology discusses why the process of learning software may be difficult at first, but quickly becomes a habit.

The eDisclosure Information Project 7/17/2014

FTI Consulting on cross-border eDiscovery around the world

Chris Dale explores cross-border discovery and why it has now become a dominant subject.

CMS Wire 6/25/2014

E-Discovery Moves In-House, Market Leaders Expand

This article discusses the findings of this year’s Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery, one of the largest that Gartner publishes. There are 22 vendors in it this year, including nine in the Leaders Quadrant.

Inside Counsel 6/13/2014

Juice jacking: Did that ‘free’ charging station just steal your data?

Inside Counsel explores the most effective practices to begin implementing to stay ahead of 'juice jacking' and lay the foundation for solid mobile security.

Inside Counsel 5/30/2014

Understanding remote collections for e-discovery: Benefits, pitfalls and use cases (Part 2)

This Inside Counsel opinion article examines why remote collections can be less time consuming and less intrusive than on-site collections.

Law 360 5/29/2014

Advice From Counsel: The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook

Law 360 summarizes the results from the fifth annual Advice from Counsel study published by FTI Consulting.

Inside Counsel 5/16/2014

Understanding remote collections for e-discovery: Benefits, pitfalls and use cases

This Inside Counsel opinion article examines that while cost is a key factor for the increase in remote collection deployments, there are a number of other advantages to remote collection.

San Francisco Business Times 5/2/2014

The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area in 2014

Ross, senior managing director for FTI Consulting’s Technology Practice has been named as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business.

Raconteur 4/24/2014

No More Paper Trails to Trial...

Disclosure of electronically stored information can be a time-consuming and costly exercise unless technology is on your side, writes Charles Orton-Jones.

Inside Counsel 4/23/2014

Mitigate risk by deploying social media policies

This article discusses how if you are protected by a social media policy, employees can have fun without running the risk of driving off a cliff.

Inside Counsel 4/18/2014

Big email: How to effectively find the needle in the haystack (Part 1)

This article discusses why Big Data is top of mind for all key stakeholders within large enterprises and why data mining is a current hot topic.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 4/16/2014

Editor’s Review – FTI Presents: The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook

Learn how the 5th Annual Advice from Counsel survey uncovers “The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook,” by distilling Fortune 1000 counsel answers to the age old question, what’s changed in the last five years and what lies ahead?

Today's General Counsel 4/7/2014

Understanding the E-Discovery Implications of Employee Status Changes

This article discusses recent case studies of matters involving the management of employee data and practical advice on how to implement and maintain best practices for this specialized area of information governance.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 3/3/2014

Issues In Global Discovery In The Wake Of Heightened Privacy Concerns

The Editor interviews Craig Earnshaw, Senior Managing Director in the Technology practice, FTI Consulting about multinational e-discovery.

Law Journal Newsletters 3/1/2014

Statistical Sampling: Saves Time and Money and Enables Proportionality

This article published by Law Journal Newsletters explores sampling as an important e-discovery tactic that addresses key issues with proportionality, defensibility and predictive coding.

Law Technology News 2/4/2014

From Sanctions to Safe Harbors: Global E-Discovery Gets Complex

Laws and regulations differ greatly between the U.S. and Europe and Asia. In the post-Snowden era, cross-border e-discovery and compliance won't get easier.

Law Technology News 1/16/2014

Vendor Voice: BYOD Is the No. 1 E-Discovery Challenge for 2014

In a survey of inside counsel at Fortune 1,000 companies, FTI Consulting found that the number one e-discovery challenge listed for the coming years is "bring your own device" to work.

Network Computing 12/23/2013

How E-discovery Tools Can Help With Information Governance

With e-discovery now a part of the vast majority of litigation and investigations, information governance policies or lack thereof can severely impact the outcome of a matter as it relates to electronically stored information.

The National Law Journal 11/18/2013

Lawyers Beware of China’s Thorny Privacy Laws

U.S. attorneys can get tripped up by unfamiliar regulation, which, if violated, can mean stiff penalties.

Financial Executives International 11/13/2013

FCPA and UK Bribery Act Investigations in the Spotlight

Get an in depth look into why multinational companies are seeing an increase in data volumes as well as a vast globalization of company data.

SearchCompliance 11/5/2013

ARMA 2013: Cloud, mobile-related e-discovery complications

In this SearchCompliance Q&A from the ARMA International Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in October, conference speaker Veeral Gosalia discussed the changing state of e-discovery in the face of mobile devices and cloud computing.

eWeek 10/31/2013

E-Discovery: Keeping Your Company Ready to Respond to Legal Action

Review the ten key components of e-discovery "fitness" that have emerged this year as leading indicators of an organization's e-discovery maturity.

KM World 10/25/2013

Five Tips for Managing Social Media and E-Discovery Collections

Here are five tips for managing the legal and technical nuances of social media usage and e-discovery collections within corporations; and case study data to evidence how these can be applied to the real world.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/1/2013

What Is Remediation?

The Editor interviews Antonio Rega, Managing Director in the Technology practice, FTI Consulting about remediation and how it relates to e-discovery.

Information Management 9/24/2013

10 Things to Know Before Moving E-Discovery to the Cloud

Gain insight into how the adoption of cloud computing has been an undeniable force spreading quickly across all segments of the technology market.

ABA Journal 9/1/2013

6 Tools to Help Firms Track Social Media

Learn more about the pressing need for a tool that can monitor and archive everything a law firm’s client says and does on social media.

Law Technology News 8/9/2013

FTI Adds Predictive Coding With Visuals to Ringtail 8

Product of the week feature: The new version of Ringtail 8 (version 8.3.2) includes predictive coding features and enhanced transcript handling.

Compliance Week 8/6/2013

FTI Consulting Releases Latest Version of Ringtail e-Discovery Software with Predictive Coding

FTI Technology, the business segment of global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, has launched a new version of its Ringtail e-discovery software, including the launch of its predictive coding software.

The American Lawyer 7/29/2013

E-discovery's Trailblazers

Read about eleven people —lawyers and non-lawyers — who helped create the e-discovery industry.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/21/2013

Data Collection In A Social Media World

The Editor interviews Daniel E. Roffman, FTI Consulting, Inc. Mr. Roffman is a Managing Director in the FTI Technology segment and is based in Chicago.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/1/2013

Expert E-Discovery For M&A Second Requests

The Editor interviews Kathryn McCarthy, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting, Inc. She is a noted expert in second request antitrust investigations and e-discovery process, and she regularly advises on matters that involve international data privacy issues.

CMS Wire - Sophie Ross, FTI Technology 5/29/2013

What Does Counsel Really Think About Predictive Coding?

While the promise of predictive coding is alluring, many questions remain. To make sense of this dialog, FTI Technology recently conducted a survey of law firm leaders and senior corporate counsel that identifies key trends and perspectives on the emergence of predictive coding.

Today's General Counsel - Robert Omeljanivk and Eliot Davidoff, FTI Technology 5/15/2013

Leveraging the Value of a Document with Multi-Matter Respositories

Building a system that allows companies and their counsel to reuse work product in an intelligent and strategic fashion decreases costs, saves time, reduces risk, and ensures high quality results.

Inside Counsel - Dan Roffman, FTI Technology 5/6/2013

Work with IT to Build a Defensible Information Management Strategy

Six strategies for bridging the gap between IT and legal for handling litigation and corporate investigations involving electronically stored information.

Inside Counsel Magazine 5/1/2013

7 Lessons to Guide you Through the E-Discovery Landscape

As the e-discovery march goes on, litigants continue to wrestle with questions and disputes both familiar and novel. This article covers what legal departments can learn from recent opinions related to predictive coding, social media and more.

SC Magazine - Veeral Gosalia, FTI Consulting 5/1/2013

Trained Pros Should Lead Discovery

Veeral Gosalia, a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, explains why the search, collection and preservation of email and electronic evidence should be executed by well-trained professionals in a way that assures defensibility and evidence integrity.

ALA Currents - Nina Millman, FTI Consulting 4/25/2013

Change is Good: E-Discovery and the Modern Practice of Law

Nina Millman of FTI Consulting provides an adaptation of Kotter’s Change Model, designed to help implement e-discovery within your law firm. 3/20/2013

Assassins Aim to Reinvent Law

Fordham Law hosts lively panel on "The Impact of Technology on the Future of Law Firms."

KMWorld Magazine 3/1/2013

KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

FTI Technology is selected as a top knowledge management company for the third time.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 2/22/2013

Risks And Rewards When Moving E-Discovery To The Cloud

A Q&A session with Joel Jacob, Senior Director of Product Management at FTI Technology, discussing the risks and rewards of moving to the cloud.

451 Research - David Horrigan, 451 1/28/2013

FTI Consulting Leaps into 'Legal in the Cloud' and Do-It-Yourself E-Discovery

451 Research reports that Ringtail is now available in three flexible deployments models and explores reasons why cloud based e-discovery is attractive to small and mid-sized legal teams.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 12/17/2012

Can Predictive Coding Deliver On Its Promise?

The editor presents a summary of the FTI commissioned whitepaper, Advice From Counsel: Can Predictive Coding Deliver On Its Promise? Authored by Ari Kaplan, Legal Consultant and Principal of Ari Kaplan Advisors.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/20/2012

E-Discovery Steps Outside Of The Black Box

The Editor interviews Joe Looby, Senior Managing Director, FTI Technology about taking predictive coding out of the black box.

FTI Journal - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 11/1/2012

Taking Predictive Coding Out of the Black Box

According to a recent study, most attorneys do not understand how predictive discovery works and are apprehensive about using it. Taken out of the black box, you can implement predictive discovery in a defensible manner.

Law Technology News 10/23/2012

FTI Consulting Announces Predictive Coding Service

FTI's new predictive coding service aims to reduce the cost and time of legal review as well as bring people and processes together with predictive coding software.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - Severin Ian Wirz 8/19/2012

E-Discovery Strategies For International Anti-Bribery Investigations

The Editor presents a summary of the whitepaper, The Experts Weigh In: E-Discovery Strategies For International Anti-Bribery Investigations, that was commissioned by FTI Consulting Inc.

Business Computing World - Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 8/1/2012

Prepare Now For UK Bribery Act Investigations

The UK Bribery Act has been called the toughest anti-corruption legislation yet, but enforcement actions have been slow to materialize. Corporations should use this time to develop systems and procedures for internal investigations.

TrustLaw 7/17/2012

Tough Chinese Data Privacy Laws Impede Document Collection in FCPA Investigations

According to a survey by FTI Consulting's technology practice, China's disparate data privacy requirements to secrecy laws and foreign blocking statutes are impeding investigations under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

eDiscovery Journal 7/9/2012

Expanding TAR to become Predictive Discovery

eDiscovery Journal reports that the Ringtail 8.2 release follows the trend to consolidate point products into broader eDiscovery platforms, providing a pathway to spread TAR methods beyond review.

Forbes - Guest post by Dan Roffman, FTI Technology 7/5/2012

Data Deluge: The Problem Is, You Can't Keep Everything

Faced with ever-expanding quantities of data, corporate execs and IT pros are becoming increasingly concerned with data management. You can’t keep everything, but you can implement better policies and practices.

InsideCounsel 7/5/2012

Planning for FCPA E-Discovery Challenges

Data privacy laws can significantly challenge the e-discovery process in corruption investigations. Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to comply with local laws, yet still allow swift reporting to the U.S. government.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/27/2012

Predictive Coding And Technology-Assisted Review After Da Silva Moore

The Editor interviews attorneys at Dorsey & Whitney LLP on their take predictive coding and technology-assisted review.

451 Research, David Horrigan, 451 6/25/2012

Bringing Ringtail and Attenex Together for E-Discovery

451 Research reports Ringtail’s user interface enhancements and the integration of Document Mapper make Ringtail robust and easy to use, with analytics for 21st century e-discovery.

InsideCounsel 6/11/2012

Computer Forensics Reveals Data Thieves’ Tracks

When evidence is gathered in a highly defensible manner and compiled by digital forensics experts, companies can mitigate the potential damage of data theft.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 5/18/2012

IT Reduction: A Much-Needed Service

The Editor interviews FTI Technology computer forensics and e-discovery experts about defensible data deletion, or IT reduction.

InsideCounsel 5/7/2012

Navigating Risk Inside the Cloud

The key to a successful cloud implementation is not to control information in the cloud, but to concentrate on risk mitigation and defensibility by developing, managing and auditing proactive policies.

ALA Currents 4/26/2012

Leveraging Managed Review for Better Case Strategy and Efficiency

Done right, when review capability is combined with technology products and services, a managed document review approach reduces the cost and frustration of e-discovery.

InsideCounsel 4/20/2012

Operationalizing E-Discovery: Two Different Approaches

By creating structure around the e-discovery process and proactively negotiating with vendors, in-house counsel can move away from unpredictable per-unit pricing models in exchange for more transparent fee structures.

FTI Journal - Veeral Gosalia & Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 4/2/2012

The Data Conundrum

Multinational companies face U.S. legal and regulatory bodies demanding employee documents from jurisdictions with strong data protection laws. Develop protocols now to comply with court data demands without breaching privacy laws.

FTI Journal - James Scarazzo & Jason Ray, FTI Technology 3/1/2012

The Threat from Inside: The Risks of IP Theft

Companies face serious risks from employee intellectual property theft. To protect themselves, they need strong onboarding and exiting policies, plus computer forensics expertise.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 2/24/2012

Survey Offers Practical Advice From In-House Counsel

The Editor interviews Mike Kinnaman, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about a survey involving 31 inside counsel seeking advice for their peers on streamlining and reducing the cost of e-discovery.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 12/1/2011

A Two-Pronged Approach To Handling E-Discovery

The Editor interviews Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about the benefits of choosing a total cost model for controlling e-discovery costs and eliminating inefficiencies.

FTI Files - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 10/1/2011

Detecting Fraud in Real Time

Multinationals today face proliferating compliance issues that essentially come down to one requirement: putting technology in place to detect wrongdoing at any time and in any location.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/1/2011

Computer Forensics, Key For Thorough And Defensible Investigations

The Editor interviews Veeral Gosalia, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about use cases for forensics, or when companies need to uncover more context than what electronic files offer.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 8/1/2011

Controlling Data In A Social Media World

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Jason Ray, Director, FTI Consulting about the policies that corporations can put in place to protect themselves as social media and its discoverable data is on the rise.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/1/2011

Collaboration: A Requirement For Successful E-Discovery

Poor collaboration between client, counsel and integrated document review provider will lead to a myriad of problems that raise costs and potentially expose the client and counsel to risk. It comes down to communication and trust.

Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. - James R. Scarazzo, FTI Technology 4/14/2011

Data Forensics with Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft’s LogParser utility, designed to monitor message flow for production and troubleshooting in an Exchange environment, may also be applied for conducting investigations of unacceptable communications.

Executive Counsel Magazine - Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 3/1/2011

When European Data Privacy Meets U.S. Discovery

With restrictions on cross-border data mobility, mobile e-discovery allows lawyers to conduct electronic document searches and reviews where the data resides. Technology is brought to the data rather than the other way around.

KNM World - Larry Briggi, FTI Technology 2/11/2011

SharePoint: Not Just Another E-Discovery Repository

The unique architecture of SharePoint, combined with its growing use within the enterprise, requires a special approach by legal and IT teams to ensure thoroughness and defensibility.

National Law Journal - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 12/20/2010

Discovering Europe: How to Navigate Europe’s Privacy Protections

With a growing array of stringent data-privacy regulations, taking data out of foreign countries can be very complex, challenging and costly. Instead, companies are doing the reverse: taking the review and processing to the data.

Information Management - Larry Briggi, FTI Technology 10/12/2010

SharePoint and E-Discovery Challenges

The dynamic nature of SharePoint, combined with common delays within the e-discovery process, increases the risk of spoliation. Considerations should be made by legal and IT teams in advance of inevitable SharePoint collections.

eDiscovery Journal - Greg Buckles, eDJ 7/26/2010

Ringtail Analytics: Moving Upstream in More than One Way

eDiscovery Journal reports on FTI Technology’s Ringtail Analytics expanding the usage of concept clustering beyond the review interface.

CMS Wire 5/11/2010

Custodian Based E-Discovery for SharePoint

CMS Wire reports on FTI Technology’s SharePoint Harvester software, a solution that offers e-discovery capabilities for the vast amount of data stored within SharePoint environments based on custodian information.

eDiscovery Journal - Greg Buckles, eDJ 3/23/2010

Autocoding Part 3: New Acuity Offering

EDJ reports on predictive coding in Acuity, FTI Technology’s managed document review offering. A combination of known decisions and automated suggestions provides dynamic training, increased review speed and consistency.

The E-Disclosure Information Project - Chris Dale 2/20/2010

There is More to FTI Technology than Attenex and Ringtail

Chris Dale reports Attenex and Ringtail may be familiar names in the e-discovery market, but they are part of a framework of infrastructure, processes, workflows and people which together make up FTI Technology.

Computerworld, Grag Lawn, FTI Technology 10/5/2009

Avoid an E-Discovery Disaster

Be prepared to preserve data when your company is heading to court by following best practices to avoid devastating consequences.

LJN Legal Tech Newsletter - Erik Post & Jim Vint 5/1/2009

E-Discovery of Structured Data

When e-Mail alone is not enough to solve the problem, look to the enterprise systems – the centralization of core business functions - to reveal the means by which events unfolded.

Fortune - Stephanie N. Mehta 3/31/2009

Online Fraud Coming to Social Networks

As more corporate users embrace social networks, investigators are gearing up for the day Twitter and Facebook become tools for financial wrongdoing.