Ringtail e-discovery software is a powerful document review and production platform used by corporations, law firms and government agencies around the world. Noted for its scalability and performance, Ringtail gives legal teams flexible workflow tools, the ability to search across millions of documents in seconds and powerful production capabilities.

The Challenge

Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property (IP) law firm that routinely handles patent, trademark and copyright litigation for large and small clients. The firm wanted a way to review documents more efficiently using fewer reviewers, and with better quality.

The Solution

The firm investigated a number of e-discovery software tools on the market, focusing on overall cost, ability to improve review efficiency and the flexibility to handle larger, complex cases as well as smaller ones. In 2006 the firm selected Ringtail Legal for its customizable web interface and ability to handle very large document sets, and because the collaboration features on Ringtail complemented the legal review team’s procedures and workflows. Since then the firm has used Ringtail Legal software to review, annotate and organize documents and transcripts, and provide complex marking and tagging prior to production.

Bereskin & Parr recently added Ringtail’s Analytics module to its Ringtail suite. The Analytics module permits data mining for dissecting large data sets, and includes Cubes for metadata and content analysis and Document Mapper for concept clustering and visual review. This latest Ringtail solution provides Bereskin & Parr with powerful document management and review capabilities in a single platform, including:

Faster and more accurate review:

With Document Mapper, the firm can navigate thousands of documents to better understand the document collection and develop a targeted reviewing and coding strategy. With Mines, similar documents are clustered together to speed up review and promote consistency. These tools allow reviewers to quickly analyze client and opposing party productions while achieving better accuracy than traditional linear review or key word searches.

Identifying key concepts:

Within the Analytics module, the integrated Mines and Document Mapper allow reviewers to zero in on what are likely to be the key documents. Mines takes extremely large datasets and organizes them by concepts, providing the review team with a high-level overview of up to one million documents and the general themes they contain.

Easier administration, assignment creation and workflow:

Ringtail’s customizable review workflow offers automated assignments and customized workflows, with coding rules that manage the movement of documents between reviewers or review teams and track workflows.

Less time managing data, more time reviewing documents:

With the new analytics features within Ringtail, the firm is able to review, redact and produce materials on one platform. The integrated suite saves having to transfer data between multiple tools during the review process.

The Results

With Ringtail’s latest Analytics modules, Bereskin & Parr has been able to streamline the document review process while improving the consistency and quality of document decisions. The firm has seen a significant increase in review speed, and consequently a decrease in the overall cost of legal review. As an example, on a recent matter the firm used Ringtail’s advanced keyword search features to greatly reduce the overall review set. From there, using Mines and Document Mapper, two reviewers were able to review the data set in a matter of hours, as opposed to the days or weeks it would have taken the reviewers using a linear review tool.