FTI Technology was proud to sponsor LTNY's Day 1 educational track, “Data Security & Governance” on January 31, 2017. In three interactive sessions, our panel of experts discussed topics on the leading edge of information governance, e-discovery and data security.

Day 1 Sessions (Jan. 31)

Shielding the Organization from Data Risk & E-Discovery Failures

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Data risk can strike an organization from many angles – from external attacks to internal malfeasance to third party negligence – and have real consequences for the e-discovery process. How do security risks such as data leakage, shadow IT and third party negligence lead to e-discovery failures? And how can organizations eliminate preventable e-discovery mistakes such as failure to preserve, failure to protect and the inadvertent release of privileged information? Who bears responsibility and how can you prevent failures while instituting best practices in light of the latest case law and new federal rules?

Corporate Data Assessments: The New Game Changer?

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Where do you begin in implementing a data governance and security plan? How to secure executive buy-in? How can you incorporate shifting regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance? What if you plan to move to Microsoft Office 365? How does this impact your broader data management strategy? These are just some of the questions that can stymie and stall corporate data governance initiatives. Increasingly, corporations are shifting to a data assessment model, which can help proactively 1) identify threats, 2) map an organization’s data universe and 3) help identify an action plan that is presentable to the c-suite. What should these data assessments incorporate? Who should be involved? How can you customize the data assessment to your own organizational needs?

Advice from Counsel: Data and Risk-Intensive Investigations

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From corporate fraud and IP theft to regulatory investigations, legal teams are hard-pressed to quickly find, understand and act upon data in investigations. What are some of the strategies that top legal teams use to proactively prepare for data-intensive investigations? Which analytics tools are best suited for uncovering different pieces of information? How can you balance investigative needs with adherence to various data privacy and State Secrets laws? This panel represents the 5th consecutive year FTI presented the results of our annual Advice from Counsel corporate law survey at LTNY.

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