Blockchain & Digital Asset Solutions

Blockchain technology is the foundation powering a future of decentralized applications not just in finance, but in every industry looking for secure and trusted ways to track assets, verify the provenance of materials, show compliance with regulators, and give secure access to real-time data. From digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs to reimagining our world into smart cities, the metaverse and Web3, blockchain and digital assets are creating massive opportunities and disrupting industries at breakneck speed.

Despite all the excitement, this still-emerging technology comes with significant risks if not handled carefully. Early adoption has been disproportionately tainted by fraud, correction events, and bad actors, presenting significant challenges to organizations and institutions that want to utilize the power of decentralized technology, while keeping organizations and their customers safe.

Innovators need to be able to quickly build knowledge and expertise while navigating this rapidly changing and dispersed global regulatory environment. To fully unlock the immense potential blockchain and digital assets present for new revenue streams and collaboration while also reducing risk and volatility, leaders need to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

FTI Technology's experts are deeply knowledgeable in the entire ecosystem of blockchain and digital assets, partnering with both crypto-native and crypto-curious organizations on high-profile and complex projects including:

Mergers, Acquisitions, Bankruptcies, and Restructurings

Due diligence assessments include identifying and assessing elements of crypto-native organizations including DeFi projects or DAOs, investigating crypto transactions, wallets and custody, smart contract assessments, and operational and technical assessments to uncover the landscape of assets under custody (AUC), as well as potential liabilities in business models and infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Investigations

Our team of proven cryptocurrency investigators and experts have worked on high-profile disputes and investigations involving digital assets including crypto, DeFi, staking, and crypto mining operations across financial services, insurance and energy.

Software development
Strategic Advisory, Planning, and Implementation

FTI Technology is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the emerging decentralized technology movement and digital risk mitigation. This allows us to identify and optimize revenue streams through NFT development, tokenization projects, or exploring the metaverse. We can also assess current blockchain projects for unknown risks, develop full-scale blockchain implementations, and identify gaps between new technology and legacy tech stacks within organizations. FTI Technology has advised on large-scale metaverse projects, performed technical and operational due diligence during M&A transactions focused on crypto-native acquisition targets, and advised unsecured creditor committees during some of the first high-profile restructuring cases in the industry.


We provide a fully hosted Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offering for organizations looking to build secure and stable blockchain projects while avoiding large-scale operational investment costs. This eliminates the need for specialized software development personnel, and reduces time to minimum viable product (MVP).

Together our experts hold more than 25 specialized cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and blockchain certifications and are backed by our Digital Assets Lab which contains a trove of proven cutting-edge cryptocurrency and blockchain forensic tools. Our Lab allows us to identify and fully track more than 1,500 digital assets across more than 30 blockchains. Building upon that knowledge, our specialized Cryptocurrency Disputes, Investigations and Litigation team is comprised of certified Bitcoin experts, certified blockchain experts, certified smart contract developers, and certified cryptocurrency investigators who work with legal teams to fully investigate Blockchain and cryptocurrency claims.