Case Studies

FTI Technology Provides Contract Lifecycle Management Transformation, Supports Merger Readiness for Leading Food Retailer

On the heels of an extensive information governance, privacy and records management overhaul supported by FTI Technology, a large North American retail chain was pursuing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementation. The company aimed to centralize its contracts, deploy a new CLM tool, establish new contracting policies and improve workflows ahead of a planned merger. FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations experts were engaged to ensure the project remained on course and provide a full transformation of contracting processes.

Contract Fusion: Optimizing Vendor Relationships at a Merged Technology Company

FTI Technology helped a newly combined technology company maximize value in its vendor contract portfolio, saving millions of dollars, and solidifying operations as the companies integrated.

Strategic Contract Review Helps Airline Soar Through Bankruptcy

FTI Technology helped a newly combined technology company maximize value in its vendor contract portfolio, saving millions of dollars, and solidifying operations as the companies integrated.

FTI Technology Delivers Transformed Contract Portfolio Following Large Pharmaceutical Company Bankruptcy

In a large bankruptcy matter, FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions experts identified and quantified risk and opportunities across a company’s contract population, to support recovery efforts by a group of lenders acquiring the emerging entity.

FTI Technology Enables Privacy Transformation for Fortune 50 Drug & Food Retailer

National supermarket retailer engages FTI Technology’s Information Governance, Privacy & Security (IGP&S) practice for comprehensive privacy program transformation, technology implementation and enhanced automation.

FTI Technology Delivers Extensive IP Identification and Destruction in High-Stakes Intellectual Property Suit

After a joint venture between two large multinational organisations deteriorated into breach-of-contract claims and litigation, FTI Technology’s client was ordered to conduct a widespread and all-encompassing discovery, preservation and remediation exercise for all instances of the former partner’s intellectual property (IP). The matter covered information from more than 10 locations in multiple countries and more than 1,000 data sources.

FTI Technology Facilitates Divestiture Rights with More Than 1,000 Supplier Relationships for Global Software Company

In March 2021, a global security software corporation, announced the divestiture of one of its business units to a private equity company. The corporation engaged FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions practice to ensure that divestiture rights with more than 1,000 vendors and suppliers were in place by the transaction close date. The team had eight weeks to complete the project.

FTI Technology Helps Major National Bank Enhance Its Smarsh Deployment to Deliver Cross-Functional Single Source of Truth for Communications Data

After implementing Smarsh to archive all communications, a major national bank needed access across multiple end-user teams and functions, including legal, regulatory compliance and more. The bank engaged FTI Technology to provide access to this single source of communications data for a broader audience, thus enhancing the bank’s return on its initial technology implementation.

FTI Technology’s Digital Forensics and Emerging Data Sources Experts Solve Complex Data Extraction Challenges in High-Profile Japanese Investigation

The FTI Technology team in Tokyo received a request from one of the largest firms in Japan to extract and preserve private cloud data relating to an ongoing high-profile criminal investigation. The data of interest included calendar items in a cloud-based calendaring application, typically installed and used on personal devices. FTI Technology’s emerging data sources experts developed custom solutions to ensure a complete and defensible extraction of information from the application, despite not being compatible with existing e-discovery and digital forensics tools.

FTI Technology Reduces Reviewable Contract Population by 90% to Beat Data Deadline in Corporate Restructuring

In an ongoing restructuring engagement for a global client of FTI Consulting’s Corporate Finance segment, FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice was tapped to assist with scoping of tens of thousands of contracts during the restructuring.

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