Case Studies

FTI Technology Provides Extensive Data Identification and Transfer in Global Telecommunications Divestiture

A longstanding FTI Technology client in the telecommunications industry was preparing to divest a European business unit to a global network and voice services company. The organization needed to migrate the divesting business unit’s Microsoft 365 environments and data sources to the acquiring company, in compliance with numerous regulations and in a timely manner to uphold the parameters and deadlines of the transaction. FTI Technology’s global team coordinated with the client’s IT stakeholders to manage the data transfer, as well as a cross-functional deal team tracking the project.

FTI Technology Serves as Neutral Third Party Expert in Technology Industry Intellectual Property Litigation

During the discovery phase of an alleged theft of trade secret litigation between two technology companies, parties contended with a search and production protocol relating to confidential information, trade secrets, personal data and highly complex metadata in the set of potentially relevant documents. The district court appointed FTI Technology as the neutral third party expert charged to handle execution of the court ordered search protocol involving the analysis and extraction of forensic artifacts at scale beyond the corpus of custodian communications and work data, to determine which items should be turned over to opposing counsel, and which contained sensitive information that should be withheld. The findings helped the parties reach a settlement.

Rapid Forensic Analysis Across 80 Devices and Cloud Sources Provides Critical Insight During Contentious Intellectual Property Case

When an intellectual property dispute between two companies in the aviation industry escalated to litigation and potential criminal charges, the defendant organization needed to quickly understand whether there was any merit underlying the allegations in the suit. This necessitated expedited forensic analysis of many dozens of devices in addition to cloud searches and other discovery work relative to the litigation. FTI Technology was engaged to provide digital forensics and emerging data sources expertise and support.

FTI Technology Provides Legal Operations Assessment and Gap Analysis for Global Life Sciences Company

A life sciences startup was looking to scale the maturity of its legal operations function and improve processes to support risk management and increased legal department demand. In-house counsel engaged FTI Technology’s corporate legal department experts to evaluate the maturity of existing capabilities and prioritize future initiatives according to the 12 core legal operations competencies defined by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).

Software Provider Leans on FTI Consulting to Evaluate Global Compliance Analytics and Metrics

A global software company needed to modernize its compliance program. With a focus on applying data and technology effectively in support of a global framework, the organization engaged FTI Consulting’s Risk & Compliance experts to assess the existing program’s maturity, data sources, analytics dashboarding and existing tools, and guide the company in transforming its program.

FTI Technology Supports Law Firm Cloud Data Migration to RelativityOne

When organizations need to migrate to a new e-discovery platform due to changes in industry, consolidation of software providers, costs and various data and volume requirements, moving large, complex data volumes can introduce numerous challenges. Without adequate technical support, the process can become burdensome, error prone, time intensive and costly. In this engagement, a law firm approached FTI Technology to support effective movement of its e-discovery matters and related data from an on-premise environment to the RelativityOne cloud.

FTI Technology’s Managed Document Review Team Provides Nuanced Privacy and Privilege Review for Multi-national Litigation

During cross-border litigation related to a merger, a multi-national client needed to conduct review on a set of documents that included personal information and spanned multiple jurisdictions with varying requirements. The client engaged FTI Technology’s managed document review experts to address unique privacy and privilege needs during review and ensure a thorough, timely completion of the review ahead of court deadlines.

FTI Technology Supports Multiple Technology Platform Integrations and Large Data Transformation to Improve E-Discovery Program Efficiency for an International IP Law Firm

As part of an initiative to streamline internal resources, an intellectual property law firm selected a new e-discovery platform with advanced analytics capabilities. The firm selected FTI Technology to provide managed services for multiple technology integrations, improved review workflows, follow-the-sun support and advanced analytics training to enhance in-house efficiencies and offset urgent client workloads.

FTI Technology Provides Complex, Time-Sensitive Investigation and Document Review for MÁSMÓVIL and Orange in International EU Merger

After entering an agreement to a largescale and complex cross-jurisdictional merger between telecommunications providers MÁSMÓVIL and Orange, both parties had to collect, review and produce internal documents as part of an extensive merger clearance investigation by European competition authorities. The parties engaged FTI Technology to lead discovery and document review for both organisations and support the needs of the merger review before its approval in February 2024.

FTI Technology Provides Personal Information Assessment, Investigation and Notifications Following Data Incident at a Global Corporation

A global corporation headquartered in Europe experienced a data incident with potential exposure of sensitive and personal information. With multiple global regulators on alert for privacy breaches, FTI Technology helped the client assess large volumes of data to quickly understand the extent of the data exposure and support the notification process.

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