Case Studies

FTI Technology’s Find Facts Fast Solution Provides Rapid Insights for a Misconduct and Foreign Corruption Investigation

A transportation company was conducting an internal investigation regarding allegations of improper conduct by specific employees. The allegations included reports that misconduct had occurred in a foreign country and involved corruption and illegal payments through an intermediary for that country’s government. The client engaged FTI Technology to answer key questions quickly.

Extensive Data Identification, Analysis and Extraction in Response to Consumer Services Privacy Breach

A major U.S.-based consumer services company experienced a privacy breach at a European company it had acquired. The company needed to identify the personal data that was compromised so it could respond to the incident according to requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation. The organisation also needed to determine whether any of the exposed employee or customer personal data was protected under additional regulations. Emerging data source experts in FTI Technology’s Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice in EMEA were engaged to provide a broad view of the breach, including its severity, the volume and types of personal data that were exposed, and the scope of jurisdictions implicated within the dataset.

FTI Technology Conducts Targeted Find Facts Fast Review for Time-Sensitive Internal Discovery Matter

A U.K.-based client was notified of a suspected legal issue that had the potential to scale to a multi-jurisdiction investigation. The organisation’s legal team sought to quickly review a population of documents to ascertain the validity of the matter in advance of a board meeting at which key decisions would be made about how to move forward. FTI Technology’s Acuity® Managed Review team and e-discovery experts were engaged to conduct a Find Facts Fast review.

FTI Technology Delivers Proactive Compliance Monitoring, Supports Internal Investigations at Global Life Sciences Corporation

After uncovering compliance violations within its operations in the Asia Pacific region, a global life sciences corporation decided to take a more targeted, proactive approach to finding problem areas and self-reporting them ahead of a regulatory inquiry. The organization engaged FTI Technology to support the internal compliance team with quarterly evaluations of randomly selected business segments and global communications monitoring.

In Pre-Class Action Investigation Involving a Decentralized Finance Exchange, FTI Technology Provides Detailed Findings Relating to Alleged Conspiracy to Defraud

A decentralized finance exchange was hacked and facing class action litigation relating to fraud allegations. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice was selected by the organization’s law firm to conduct an investigation and uncover key facts.

FTI Technology Provides Investigations Expertise and Testimony in Digital Assets Dispute

A leading cryptocurrency exchange was defending a dispute, which involved customer claims regarding unsupported tokens mistakenly loaded to the exchange’s platform. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets team was engaged to provide digital forensics expertise, investigatory support and digital assets advising.

FTI Technology Leads Cryptocurrency Loss of Funds Dispute

A leading cryptocurrency exchange was facing a lawsuit filed by a customer who sought damages for funds lost on the exchange. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice was selected to conduct an investigation into the matter and provide expert testimony to the court.

Distressed Cryptocurrency Exchange Selects FTI Consulting for Bankruptcy and Restructuring Services

When the cryptocurrency markets declined suddenly, a cryptocurrency platform providing mobile app-based brokerage, custody and lending services faced serious hardship. The company engaged FTI Consulting’s experts in corporate restructuring and cryptocurrency and digital assets to provide in-depth technical due diligence and strategic recovery advice.

FTI Technology Supports Extensive Legal Operations Transformation Initiative to Reduce Cost and Risk for a Global Bank

As part of a global bank’s enterprisewide transformation initiative, its legal department planned an ambitious programme to simultaneously reduce data privacy and security risks, enhance its responsivity to legal and regulatory bodies, in addition to streamlining its operations through modernisation and the use of advanced technologies. To achieve these objectives, the organisation selected FTI Technology to deliver a unifying global platform and on-the-ground support in key geographies, along with business transformation experience to drive the initiative and deliver meaningful results.

Emerging Data Sources Prompt Extensive Investigatory Hurdles and Regulator Negotiations in Multi-Jurisdiction Antitrust Matter

In an ongoing series of antitrust and merger clearance investigations in the U.S. and Europe, a global life sciences company was facing significant challenges in meeting the authorities’ data production requests. Large volumes of data from numerous emerging data sources, including Box, Microsoft 365, Confluence, Workplace from Facebook, Mattermost and Foundation IP, had been collected to respond to a Second Request investigation in the U.S. As the investigations progressed, the data requests became increasingly complicated and difficult to fulfill. FTI Technology’s emerging data sources experts worked closely with the client to overcome obstacles and coordinate requirements with numerous regulatory agencies.

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