As your organization looks to optimize its e-discovery process, FTI Technology can help ensure that your legal hold and downstream e-discovery processes remain efficient, cost-effective and defensible.

FTI Technology’s Information Governance, Privacy & Security services can help organizations update their legal hold, preservation and e-discovery processes throughout the entire EDRM model. Customized services may include:

  • Interview and partner with an organization’s IT, Information Security and Legal departments to ensure input and transparency with key stakeholders on policy development and implementation
  • Modernizing the legal hold program through many technologies and more accurately scoped preservation requirements
  • Collaborating with IT and Legal to develop defensible policies around mailbox quotas, auto-deletion, data archiving, automatic classification, retention settings, as well as search and retrieval processes
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of various collection methodologies for the organization, including Microsoft 365 collection features, third-party collection software and archiving software collection tools
  • Scanning "BYOD" devices before employees leave the organization to identify and remediate sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and trade secrets
  • Moving e-discovery’s "analysis" process upstream, even prior to preservation, to understand key facts sooner
  • Utilizing analytics and reporting on data volumes and key concepts to better arm outside counsel in Meet and Confer and settlement negotiations

Technical expertise and a focus on defensibility

FTI Technology has extensive experience working with Microsoft 365 as well as off-the-shelf and proprietary storage and e-discovery platforms and applications. Whether your data is stored on-premises or in the cloud, FTI Technology experts can ensure the information is secured, collected, migrated, remediated, disposed of or monitored as needed. Our Information Governance & Compliance Services team also develops defensible documentation for all projects and has the credentials and experience to testify in court about the methods used for any information governance project.

Trusted global leaders in information governance, e-discovery, and investigations

FTI Technology’s Information Governance Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client and the FTI team offers deep experience in delivering tangible results in the context of investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and restructuring. Our professionals, including forensic experts, corporate investigation specialists and technology and e-discovery professionals, are industry leaders experienced in many of the largest e-discovery matters of the past decade.