Comprehensive support of legal, regulatory and data-related business challenges faced by leading-edge energy companies.

FTI Consulting has worked first-hand with top organizations in the energy industry to help clients reduce risk and manage regulatory and economic challenges specific to the energy ecosystem.

For the unique requirements of each segment of the oil and gas industry, our globally integrated team offers a strong combination of knowledge and experience in a multitude of legal and regulatory aspects. FTI Consulting’s expertise in complex investigations, due diligence and integration services for M&A, development of innovative solutions for supply chain tracing and tracking, creation of cost-effective and secure data governance programs and innovative e-discovery solutions.

Investigations & Fraud Services

Our experienced investigators act quickly and discreetly to identify and forensically collect data evidence pertaining to the scope of an investigation. Whether reacting to claims of anti-corruption violations (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), United Kingdom Bribery Act (UKBA) or False Claims Act (FCA)) or proactively assessing the organization for potential areas of concern, our professionals understand the complex nuances of the corporate investigation and meet them with tried-and-true methods to uncover facts and gain intelligence.

E-discovery & Analytics

With speed, efficiency, discretion and deep domain expertise, FTI Consulting defines potentially relevant data sources and works with IT to defensibly preserve those sources.

Establish a strategic, systematic, and economic approach to preserving and collecting a myriad of data sources including network, mobile device and cloud-based social media data.

In addition, FTI Consulting’s forensic experts can recover deleted data, gain access to password-protected files and identify key documents and system artifacts to piece together a chain of events for presentation in court.

Information Governance, Data Privacy & Compliance

Increased data challenges are driving organizations to refresh existing records retention policies and schedules to ensure regulatory compliance and attain greater visibility and control of vital company records and operational data. FTI Consulting assists with defensible disposal programs that reduce cost and risk.

From corporate data privacy processes and technologies to defensible disposal, records retention and data migration, FTI Consulting is a trusted advisor working with some of the world’s largest organizations to deliver custom solutions regardless of the data landscape or risk profile.

Additional Services for Regulatory Compliance & Legal Operations Excellence

Whether providing integration management support during a merger or divestiture, identifying contractual opportunities and obligations or assisting in day-to-day operations, FTI Consulting can reduce the burden on in-house teams, improve data governance framework and strengthen risk posture.