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E-discovery Consulting & Services

There usually isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for e-discovery – each organization has its own unique requirements and needs. This can include vertical industry specifics, litigation profile, company culture, geographic footprint, technology infrastructure, and more.

At FTI Technology, we understand how to work with this wide range of parameters to deliver solution-oriented products and services that best meet your unique needs. From end-to-end applications to point solutions like legal hold, ECA, and legal review, FTI Technology helps organizations find, implement, and optimize the right tools and technology for the job.

Our approach focuses on: Data Reduction, where we remove old, redundant data and only collect what’s necessary, greatly reducing costs; Process Workflow, proactively managing every aspect of data from inception through production; and Best-of-Breed Technology, ensuring the most advanced and appropriate tools are brought to bear for your solution, while still levering your existing IT investments where possible.

FTI’s full suite of E-discovery services also includes foreign language support and in-court data presentation.