Disputes & Investigations

The proliferation of new technologies, diverse communications technologies and devices has introduced new complexities into the legal and regulatory discovery process. What used to be a well-defined and efficient process to perform a forensic investigation, collection and e-discovery process, mainly focused on email servers, has become significantly harder for organizations to make sense of. The fact that information exists “outside the walls” of traditional company servers, in the cloud, and on employees’ personal digital devices, and potentially only serves to compound the challenges.

Solving this challenge requires a keen understanding of both the technical and policy implications of the ever-changing technology landscape. FTI Technology has the unique combination of regulatory expertise and technical know-how to make sense of this complexity rapidly and efficiently. We are well-versed in pulling data from a wide variety of digital sources and formats, organizing it for ease of understanding and review, and integrating it into existing systems. Our ability to help our customers synthesize their data quickly into a coherent structure has a significant, material benefit for our clients. This is particularly valuable during high stakes legal matters, like second requests for mergers and acquisitions.

How we can help
E-discovery meeting

E-Discovery Consulting and Services

From end-to-end applications to point solutions like legal hold, ECA, and legal review , FTI Technology helps organizations find, implement, and optimize the best technology for their needs. This can include a wide variety of services, including hosting, on-demand services, and training.

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Digital devices

Digital Forensics and Collections

With speed, efficiency, and discretion, our team can provide a strategic and systematic approach to investigating and collecting data from a wide range of sources including networks, mobile devices, and cloud-based social media data.

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Document review

Managed Review

FTI Technology drives quality and efficiency at every step of the legal review process, providing a unique combination of advanced software, expert attorney review teams, and innovative workflows executed in step and collaboration with outside counsel.

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Self-service e-discovery

E-Discovery Self-Service

From software hosting to workflow design, project management, and staffing, FTI Technology can manage the entire e-discovery process with a flat and transparent monthly pricing model.

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Story development

Story Development and “Find Facts Fast”

FTI Technology’s team of dedicated researchers, combined with advanced analytics technology, can quickly unearth key facts and data sets to enable timely and strategic decisions in investigations or litigation.

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Working together

Mergers & Acquisitions: Second Requests

FTI Technology has deep expertise in Second Requests, including handling e-discovery, particularly in relation to mergers and acquisitions. We reduce datasets, conduct managed reviews to keep data secure, and identify the most important documents using advanced analytics. Our support covers all facets of the e-discovery process, including post-production depositions and strategy development, and even expert witness testimony.

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Blockchain and digital assets

Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Our team of proven cryptocurrency investigators and experts have worked on high-profile disputes and investigations involving digital assets including crypto, DeFi, staking, and crypto mining operations across financial services, insurance and energy.

Together our experts hold more than 25 specialized cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and blockchain certifications and are backed by our Digital Assets Lab which contains a war chest of proven cuttingedge cryptocurrency and blockchain forensic tools. Our lab allows us to identify and fully track more than 1,500 digital assets across more than 30 blockchains.

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