Chief Privacy Officer

Privacy officers must simultaneously protect personally identifiable information while ensuring that it remains available to appropriate personnel and systems for legitimate purposes. For global organizations, this task is complicated by overlapping jurisdictions and inconsistent regulatory environments.

Industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, healthcare, and energy hold particularly sensitive data about customers and/or patients that lead to increased regulation and legal exposure and a higher bar of effort required to keep that information secure.

In recent years, several factors have emerged to make the task of the privacy officer even more difficult. The widespread proliferation of collaboration apps within the enterprise and the pandemic’s blending of home and work spheres are creating new oversight and data control risks. Data breaches are harder to prevent and occur with greater frequency.

FTI Technology’s team of data privacy experts design, build, run, monitor, and enhance your data privacy risk management capabilities to deliver custom solutions no matter the data environment or risk profile. We have deep expertise around today’s regulatory landscape, including DPA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more. From small engagements around specific regulations to ongoing managed services, FTI Technology can help organizations better define, implement and operationalize their data privacy programs, and build lasting frameworks that ensure both privacy and collaboration.

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