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Driving Innovative Client Solutions

At FTI Technology we drive innovative client solutions to solve data-related business challenges. Innovative technology, expert services and tenacious problem-solving provide our global clients with defensible and repeatable solutions. Technology plays a key role in turning large and complex volumes of data into information that enables businesses to make informed decisions.

Rubber Meets the Road: Steps for Successful Legal Tech Implementation

In the third part of this series, experts will offer real-life examples of how great implementations work and offer practical advice you can apply to your own tech upgrade. With the right implementation plans in place, quick wins can be recognized and communicated to build momentum toward long-term success.

What Should Be in Your Law Department’s Tech Stack?

A recent survey by the Blickstein Group found that legal operations professionals rated the effectiveness of 25 law department technologies at an average of 6.6 on a 10-point scale. And while the adoption of newer technologies can be a challenge, there are proven methods legal operations professionals can utilize to help improve the process with the added benefit of controlling costs and delivering effective results for legal departments and lawyers.

The ROI of Legal Tech: How to Make the Business Case for Law Department Tech Investment

In this second part of this three-part series, learn from a panel of experts including Wafik Guirgis from FTI Consulting, Brain McGovern from Mitratech, and Dain Scheibel from NetDocuments to hear how your investments in legal technology can not only improve the legal department’s ability to do its job but also how technology contributes to the bottom line by increasing efficiency. Learn how the data you’re collecting can provide valuable insights to the entire organization and how this better unlocks the full potential of your tech stack while showing ROI.

Exploring the Potential Impact of Generative AI on Legal Operations

Presentation to the Association of Corporate Counsel on ethical considerations and pitfalls.

Relativity Fest London - The General Counsel Report: European Perspectives

Senior Managing Director Craig Earnshaw joins a panel of experts to discuss trends and insights from the 2023 General Counsel Report.

Unlock Value from your Contract Review Project: Finding Success Beyond the Data

In this webcast presented at the World Commerce and Contracting Vibe Summit, FTI's Chase D'Agostino, Rohit Gulati, and Dori Milner explore practical ways to unlock value from your Contract Review Project through real world case studies and use cases. The discussion includes:

  • Examples of contract data to create for different use cases
  • How to combine contract data with other enterprise data to unearth new insights
  • Enabling proactive Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) leveraging contract data

Law Department Operations: Are You Getting Less from Your Tech?

Law department operations professionals are leaning on technology more every day. In fact, according to the most recent Blickstein Group Annual Law Department Operations Survey, almost half have a multiyear road map for their department’s tech needs.

According to the same survey, however, most believe that their technology tools are less effective than at any time in the past. In this webinar, FTI Technology's Wafik Guirgis, along with Bernadette Bulacan (Icertis,) Jeffrey Piper (DocuSign) and Mike Ferarra (Deloitte) join Brad Blickstein to discuss:

What AI Can Learn from Privacy: Recommendations for AI Governance

FTI Consulting Senior Managing Director, Nina Bryant, joined IAPP Principal Researcher, Katharina Koerner, CIPP/US to discuss findings from the IAPP report on responsible AI and privacy. This webcast covers:

Findings From the Report on Responsible AI and Privacy Governance

FTI Consulting Senior Managing Director, Jake Frazier, joined IAPP Principal Researcher, Katharina Koerner, CIPP/US to discuss findings from the IAPP report on responsible AI and privacy. This webcast covers:

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