For compliance teams to thrive in this new environment, FTI Technology offers risk advisory, analytics and monitoring, and advanced technology consulting solutions to improve the effectiveness of corporate compliance programs. Transforming compliance to a defensible business process requires not only a continuous understanding of a company’s data, but also the ability to leverage technology to better identify, assess and manage risks and more effectively detect and remediate violations. With this digital-first approach, FTI’s experts work with clients to create bespoke risk and compliance solutions for the long term.

Risk Advisory

FTI Technology evaluates the industry, operations, business model, technology stack, key data systems, and regulatory exposure of the business to develop a comprehensive risk assessment that identifies the likelihood and impact of each risk in scope and provides an overall assessment of the health of the compliance program.

Analytics & Monitoring

We provide technical tools and client-tailored workflows that enable proactive screening of business communications for risk and non-compliant activities. Leveraging years of experience working on a wide array of cross-border regulatory matters and internal investigations, FTI Technology utilizes AI-driven modeling to develop monitoring solutions tailored to an organization’s identified risk areas and industry specifics.

Compliance Technology Consulting

FTI Technology advises on the organization’s ability to use data effectively, and harness advanced tools like GRC and workflow solutions. We evaluate the capabilities of existing systems, assist in the selection and on-boarding process for new technology, including integrating relevant data sources, automating processes and creating custom reports and tools.