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Establishing a Successful Compliance Triumvirate Through Technology, Data Management and Human Behavior

Data risks and the ongoing growth of cloud-based communications within enterprises continue to present challenges for compliance teams in the financial services sector. Whereas communications data was once stored and managed in centralized servers within the walls of enterprise data centers, now much of the data that financial services institutions are required to preserve, monitor and report against is stored across a myriad of platforms outside the perimeter of the enterprise and without robust compliance controls. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities worldwide are increasingly focused on gaps in institutions’ ability to uphold robust compliance programs and fulfill their records management requirements.

Canadian Privacy Update: Changes to Privacy and Cybersecurity Laws May Tighten Data Protection Compliance in Canada

Our team recently shared insights on the impending changes to Canadian privacy law. While the changes remain in committee within Canadian Parliament, they continue to be important developments for organizations to watch and prepare for the implications of their passage.

Q&A: Lily Wen Offers Insights on the Fundamentals of Effective Case Management

As a Managing Director within FTI Technology, Lily Wen has more than 16 years of experience advising and supporting clients on the use of technology in e-discovery, legal hold management and data management. She knows the ins and outs of the technology industry — what works best, how to make improvements and ways to ensure everyone on the team has a voice. We caught up with Lily recently about her practice and leadership style. In this Q&A, she shares her thoughts on how to be most successful as a project management leader.

Q&A: Scott Margolis Advocates for Value-Driven Information Governance and Privacy Programs

Scott Margolis recently joined FTI Technology as a Managing Director within the Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice, bringing more than two decades of experience developing innovative strategies and solutions for organizations to address complex information governance issues. His expertise spans a wide range of IG, privacy and data governance issues in financial services, transportation, logistics, energy and other industries. In this Q&A, Scott discusses the importance of proactive governance programs that are designed to derive value and insights from corporate data.

New Developments in Case Law Underscore Complexities of Linked Content

What responsibility do parties have to produce files linked in communications? A court ruling in April 2024 has advanced the ongoing debate around whether hyperlinked content and dynamic documents should be treated the same as static attachments in discovery. While a clear, court-approved answer to this question has remained elusive, this ruling outlines obligations for parties to identify and produce linked content in context with the communications where the link was shared.

Q&A: Thuy Nguyen Shares Top Trends and Language Requirements in Managed Review

Thuy Nguyen, FTI Technology Senior Director based in London, is a managed document review leader and experienced attorney of more than 10 years. Thuy has worked on dozens of large and complicated investigations, many of which involve unique data challenges and language complexities that require specialised oversight. In this Q&A, she discusses the latest trends, challenges and solutions for managed document review.

How Find Facts Fast Reduces Risk in Time-Pressed Merger Reviews

Notorious for their tight deadlines and high stakes, merger clearance reviews (including second requests) require organizations to process, review and produce large quantities of documents in a matter of only weeks or months. Recent activity and guidance across regulatory agencies in many jurisdictions worldwide have established a pattern of more aggressive, time intensive and costly clearance processes. This is occurring in tandem with an uptick in data volumes, stringent antitrust enforcement and an increase in the frequency of post-merger actions.

Generative AI: Near Term Opportunities to Enhance Human Insight and Efficiency in Legal Use Cases

FTI Technology’s data innovation lab leads research, development and testing for disruptive technologies. With a long track record of working with advanced machine learning and analytic technologies, the team is increasingly evaluating generative artificial intelligence and the role of large language models such as ChatGPT in disputes and investigations, compliance and other use cases. Several FTI Technology experts who are involved in this testing and development work recently hosted legal industry colleagues in London to discuss practical generative AI applications and participate in live, hands on lab testing. This article captures key takeaways from the event.

Understanding the Intersection of Compliance and Generative AI

When Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco spoke at the American Bar Association’s National Institute on White Collar Crime in March, she clarified the department’s views on the role of artificial intelligence in committing, monitoring for and prosecuting against corporate crime. A key point was that legal and compliance teams should be proactive about the use of AI within their organizations as a potential source of risk, and that the DOJ may take action against organizations for failing to properly monitor and govern AI use.

Q&A: Joanne Dickson Discusses How FTI Technology Recruits and Retains Top Talent for Managed Review Projects

Joanne Dickson is a Recruiting Manager at FTI Consulting, with 14 years of recruitment expertise. She leads a growing team focused on talent sourcing for document review projects throughout EMEIA. With experience working with top, international law firms on high profile investigations, Jo can staff teams of experienced, qualified lawyers to manage projects of any size or complexity, including foreign language experts. In this Q&A, Jo shares insights for recruiting the right managed review professionals to deliver the best results consistently and quickly.

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