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Q&A: Pixel Tracking Sparks Litigation Under Unexpected Laws

Several high profile cases this year have shone a spotlight on the increasing scrutiny over the use of advertising tracking technology. These cases are likely just the beginning of what experts believe will be a significant surge in U.S. enforcement against the exploitation of personal information for marketing, advertising and targeting purposes. In this Q&A, Managing Director and data privacy expert Andrew Shaxted discusses the enforcement and litigation activity around pixel tracking, specifically how formerly obscure laws are being wielded to pursue civil litigation and class actions against companies in a wide range of industries.

Q&A: For Risk Management Veteran Jonathan Prewitt, Excellence in Governance, Risk and Compliance is No Panacea

Jonathan Prewitt recently joined FTI Technology’s Risk & Compliance practice to support clients with governance, risk and compliance projects and technology selection. He brings more than 20 years of experience in risk management, which began with intelligence collection, analysis and reporting as a cryptologist in the U.S. Navy. In this Q&A, he shares his background, perspectives on the importance of GRC and why programs must be customized for each organization, dependent upon their size, risk profile, industry and other factors.

What 2024 Holds for Blockchain and Digital Assets

Since the dawn of blockchain, each year has brought a flurry of excitement, unfulfilled hype, disruption, setback and innovation. The coming year will be no exception. Organizations have an opportunity to engage in emerging opportunities by watching developments closely and implementing risk-conscious strategies for pilot projects and investments in blockchain and digital assets.

Global Investigations Review Feature: Massimo Chiasera of Bär & Karrer and FTI Technology’s Jerry Lay Discuss Deepfakes in Litigation and Investigations

The global hype around generative artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT is larger, fiercer, and more speculative than many of the previous waves of technological disruption. However, the current fascination with ChatGPT's text-based language capabilities often overlooks the equally impactful and potentially riskier content AI can generate in the form of audio, text, video and images.

Bitcoin ETF Approval Stokes Reinvigorated Institutional Excitement for Cryptocurrency

Today, in a landmark moment for the digital assets ecosystem, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the first ever Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund). This highly anticipated decision opens a door for traditional finance (TradFi) institutions to pursue additional revenue streams by offering SEC-approved crypto investments to clients. Many industry watchers and financial analysts expected the approval to come through, in part due to the potential for it to drive billions of dollars into the market.

Rising to the Challenge: Mastering Data Breach Response Amid Ransomware

Corporate ransomware threats have increased in frequency and severity in recent years. Accordingly, ransomware attacks are changing too. To place these developments in context, and to offer recommendations to organisations facing operational and technical challenges in responding to data breaches, FTI Consulting’s Sonia Cheng and David Dunn participated in a panel discussion as part of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Data Protection Congress 2023.

Q&A: Vished Kumar Explains How Developers Are Transforming Legal Operations

Vished Kumar was recently brought on board as a Senior Director within FTI Technology to support the growing corporate legal operations suite of solutions and services. After nearly a decade of prior collaborations between Vished and FTI Technology’s experts, there was a mutual opportunity for him to become part of the internal team. In this Q&A, Vished discusses his background, his practice, and the synergy between his previous consulting platform and FTI Technology’s practice.

Q&A: Helping Clients Drive Technology and Business Value Through Blockchain Solutions

The experts within FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets Practice know the industry is so much more than cryptocurrency and tokens. The technology can be used to solve countless problems, increase transparency across legacy processes and enable meaningful automation. Managing Director Sam Davies is an engineer, software designer and innovator committed to building blockchain-based solutions that solve client challenges in creative and unexpected ways. He holds multiple patents in user interfaces for multimedia archives, audio analysis and emotion extraction from text. In this Q&A, Sam discusses his practice and his views of the future of blockchain.

ISO 31700: A New Standard for Operationalising Privacy by Design

When the International Standards Organisation (ISO) published the new standard ISO 31700 earlier this year, it established a clearer set of practical guidelines for effective Privacy by Design (PbD) programmes. PbD, a hallmark of data privacy best practice, is an approach built upon seven guiding principles that aim to employ a privacy-first attitude, whereby privacy is seamlessly integrated into products, services and system designs by default. While the previous PbD principles provided a foundation, they lacked clear rules, methodologies and use-case examples for how to apply PbD in practice, leaving many organisations uncertain about how to employ an effective approach. ISO 31700 is intended to remedy that.

Q&A: Albert Soler Discusses the Digital Forensics Field in Spain

Albert Soler is a Director within the FTI Technology team in Spain, and an experienced digital forensics and e-discovery professional who helps clients uncover insights from digital evidence. In this Q&A, he discusses how emerging data sources are impacting the practice of digital forensics and e-discovery.

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