A decentralized finance exchange was hacked and facing class action litigation relating to fraud allegations. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice was selected by the organization’s law firm to conduct an investigation and uncover key facts.

Our Role

FTI Consulting’s Blockchain and Digital Assets practice has been retained as experts for some of the most high-profile digital assets and cryptocurrency disputes to date. In this matter, the team worked to independently validate the facts of the alleged conspiracy and fraud through:

  • Performing on-chain cryptocurrency track and trace investigations to assess and validate the claims brought forth by the source.
  • Developing and verifying factual timelines of transactions.
  • Assessment of factual evidence, to inform case strategy and next steps for the investigation.
  • Advised the client to request “know your customer” (KYC) information for the account holders on each exchange, to verify that the account holders were either known to each other or were in fact, the same person.