Case Study

Urgent Collection and Discovery for Cross-Jurisdictional Legal Matter in the Gulf Cooperation Council Region

FTI Technology was engaged by a client’s law firm to conduct a highly time sensitive digital forensic preservation and discovery exercise relating to a cross-border legal proceeding following an acquisition in the Middle East region. Counsel needed the team to deliver targeted, defensible collections across numerous systems and organisations, mitigate data privacy concerns and contain costs.

Our Role

To complete the exercise within the time frame and cost constraints while maintaining forensic integrity, the team needed to collect and analyse the entire 2.3 TB data set identified and only discard what could be proven as irrelevant to the matter. The team spent 52 hours on the ground at the client site conducting a preservation exercise across systems, with additional support from a remote team operating from FTI Technology’s forensic lab in Dubai.

Once the data was secured within FTI Technology’s centre, the team spent the next 10 days forensically examining, processing, culling, preparing for review and producing the data. The use of an early case assessment database enabled significant reduction of duplicative data from legacy sources, helping to reduce the overall document population set for review.

This effort included:

  • Forensic analysis to remove 2.1 TB of data from the relevant set.
  • Processing of an additional 200 GB for further culling.
  • Early case assessment for 800,000 documents.
  • Defensible promotion of less than 5,000 documents for manual review.