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FTI Consulting Appoints Data Expert Dera Nevin as Managing Director

Press release

Washington, D.C., Nov. 14, 2023 — FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced that the firm’s Technology segment appointed Dera Nevin as a Managing Director to support client engagements across the spectrum of digital insights and risk management needs.

Ms. Nevin, who is based in New York, brings more than 20 years of experience addressing data-related issues, including privacy, data protection, information risk management and the application of emerging technologies to the delivery of legal and compliance services. She works closely with corporate and law firm clients to establish litigation and regulatory readiness programs and benchmarks and operationalize technology-forward compliance frameworks. Ms. Nevin is an expert across areas including information governance, breach response, regulatory investigations, technology implementation and e-discovery.

“Increasingly, our clients are seeking support across a range of related and simultaneous challenges, such as information governance and e-discovery, data privacy and protection, regulatory compliance, legal department advisory and digital transformation,” said Sophie Ross, Global Chief Executive Officer of FTI Technology. “This is why we have continued to grow a robust and flexible panel of leaders with experience in these and other critical areas. With a background that extends from the early days of technology-assisted review to today’s most complex governance issues, Dera is a prime example of the depth and breadth of expertise that underpins our data-focused solutions and services.”

Prior to joining FTI Technology, Ms. Nevin was the Data Policy and Strategy Officer, Legal and Compliance, at Blackstone, Inc., where she developed and oversaw global privacy, data protection, information risk management and data science compliance programs, including selection and implementation of privacy technology and data discovery technology. She also established due diligence policies and frameworks for M&A activity and portfolio company oversight. Her career spans more than two decades supporting law firms, financial institutions and corporations across litigation support, information management, cross-border data transfer matters and data compliance issues.

Ms. Nevin added, “Due to the inherent nature of technology to be ever-evolving, digital information has and will perpetually introduce novel and complex risk exposures. There’s a great deal of opportunity for clients to improve and automate information processing with advanced tools, but at the same time, they must be attuned to the foundational principles of accuracy, quality, privacy, security and cost containment. I look forward to partnering across our practices within FTI Technology to help clients achieve a successful balance between innovative technology adoption and risk mitigation.”

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