Mastering Digital Risk


Data breaches, regulatory investigations, multi-national litigations and other large-scale events are among the most urgent matters a business will ever encounter. When these critical incidents arise, leaders must take swift and strategic action on accelerated timelines. FTI Technology’s global team has the experience and proven playbooks to handle these matters with speed, efficiency and defensibility.

With decades of experience handling many of the world’s largest legal and regulatory matters, FTI Technology excels at helping clients achieve successful resolutions for their most complex, high-stakes events.


Breach response

Data breach response is paramount in mitigating financial exposure, reputational setbacks, and legal repercussions, and restoring trust. FTI Technology’s experts, working as one team with FTI Cybersecurity and FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications experts, execute an immediate, decisive and multi-disciplinary response to limit long-term damage. Our data breach response capability seamlessly integrates across existing mission-critical functions and is backed by expertise in responding to all types of threats and risk factors.

Conducting an investigation

Disputes and investigations are increasingly complex due to the growth in volume and variety of data within the organization. FTI Technology has the unique combination of regulatory expertise and technical knowledge to make sense of this complexity rapidly and efficiently. We are well-versed in pulling data from a wide variety of dynamic emerging data sources and organizing it for ease of understanding and review by logically integrating it into e-discovery systems and workflows. During high stakes legal matters, like Second Requests for mergers and acquisitions, our “Find Facts Fast” ability to help our customers synthesize their data quickly into a coherent structure has a significant, material benefit for our clients.

Information governance

Information governance is crucial during any time of stress or increased demand. FTI Technology can streamline process, technology and workflow across matter management, litigation hold, identification, preservation, collection, analysis and review, to help map and understand a sea of data for any use case. We can also provide effective and actionable frameworks for segregating and remediating data for M&A and divestitures, and other pivotal corporate events.


Blockchain and digital assets currently lack clear regulation and standardized best practices, which presents enormous challenges for organizations in times of crisis. Our unique combination of digital forensics expertise and blockchain industry specialization supports our clients through complex disputes and investigations of all kinds, including bankruptcies, fraud and the most complicated asset tracking and tracing matters. FTI Technology’s Blockchain & Digital Assets practice has delivered expert advising and witness testimony in more than 170 cryptocurrency and digital assets disputes, investigations and other matters.