Mastering Digital Risk


Business success requires contending with two stark realities: risk has taken on a wholly new scope, scale and meaning, and data is now a highly valuable and vulnerable commodity. FTI Technology helps clients develop foundational policies, technologies and data-driven processes that ensure effective risk management on an ongoing basis.

Digital risk management is now inextricably linked to an organization’s ability to grow, compete and differentiate. A strong foundation can help organizations reduce exposure, limit liabilities and enable strategic flexibility. Becoming a fully “risk-ready” and “risk-resilient” enterprise is both essential and achievable. FTI Technology has a proven track record in supporting every aspect of our clients’ Digital Insights & Risk Management objectives.

Corporate skyscrapers

Our teams advise on and deliver programs that reduce risks, mitigate critical matters and enhance business performance. Through FTI Technology’s solutions, clients gain a handle on their data, are positioned for innovation and are prepared for challenges on the horizon. They proceed with confidence that digital risk need not hold them back from safely pursuing strategic acceleration, new product development, M&A, global expansion, restructuring and other growth activities.

FTI Technology’s comprehensive solutions enable clients to build for success and span the following critical components:


Information governance

Information governance sets the foundation for critical business operations, including the cost-effective and secure management of enterprise data. FTI Technology combines significant expertise in ensuring enterprise messaging applications, including Microsoft 365, and data are secure, compliant, discoverable, managed and retained.

Data Privacy

Data privacy policies are critical table stakes for organizations – not only to ensure regulatory compliance with global privacy regulations, but to maintain the trust and confidence of customers and employees. FTI Technology’s global team of experts monitors regulatory developments to guide the collection, storage and compliant use of protected data and personally identifiable information. We help clients handle PII correctly throughout the lifecycle, from gathering, managing, leveraging and ultimately deleting the appropriate data. Our experts hold a wide array of privacy certifications and are experienced in assessing, deploying and managing leading privacy tools, such as OneTrust.

Data Governance

Data governance aids organizations in understanding the types of data they store, on what systems and with what security and access protections. Taking a digital inventory is a key initial step in effectively managing data and systems risks. FTI Technology provides an effective combination of systems, policies and domain expertise to implement and maintain a robust approach to structured data storage, management, lineage, quality, protection and compliance. Our solutions enable clients to effectively manage their data risks and maintain an actionable roadmap.

Discovery Program Design and Implementation

Discovery in highly regulated industries is often a regular business process for legal teams. Effective discovery program design can save time and money, while surfacing key facts and answers in a timely and defensible manner. FTI Technology’s decades of experience in electronic discovery and analytics has empowered us to identify best practices in the management of discovery programs that translate to the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Risk and Compliance

Risk and compliance teams are challenged to address new global regulations for managing and controlling the growing volume, variety and velocity of enterprise data. We ensure that our clients’ compliance foundations are risk-ready and meet their business and industry needs. Across the compliance lifecycle, starting with defining effective compliance policies, systems and operational practices, we provide deep expertise, compliance program design, technology selection and implementation. Once the foundation is laid, our teams help clients establish and maintain efficient, analytics-driven compliance monitoring.

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Blockchain and digital assets are being evaluated and implemented by organizations for a range of solutions, from small projects that streamline operations, to large-scale transformations of an organization’s supply chain. As the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem evolves, corporations and their law firms need advisors with a deep understanding of this industry, as well as how it intersects with legal, regulatory, technical and financial developments. FTI Technology’s team helps organizations address the risks and opportunities of the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem, from theft and fraud investigations, to distressed crypto-native entities, evolving global regulations, strategic planning, implementation and developments within the metaverse and Web3.