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FTI Consulting Launches Story Development Solution, Combining Cutting-Edge Analytics with Research Expertise and Critical Thinking

New E-Discovery Offering Provides Critical Insights through Factual Case Narratives to Help Counsel Take Timely Action and Gain Strategic Advantage
Press release

Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 2020 — FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced that its Technology segment has launched its Story Development solution for litigation and investigations. The Story Development solution will provide counsel with concise, comprehensive narratives surrounding legal cases to help them proactively develop case strategies at the outset of a matter.

The solution leverages FTI Technology’s existing technical expertise and advanced analytics, and a close working relationship with legal teams, to quickly obtain a deep understanding of the documents and communicate these findings in formats such as fact memos, witness summaries and chronologies to ensure counsel is prepared at every step of a matter.

Today’s legal departments are facing a myriad of e-discovery challenges, including an increasing variety of data sources, a complex legal landscape and massive volumes of documents. With a dedicated team of technology experts proficient in applying analytics and advanced workflows to large, complex datasets, FTI Technology’s Story Development solution surfaces and communicates factual theories faster than traditional methods, enabling legal teams to be in a stronger position when conducting interviews or depositions, briefing key issues, responding to discovery requests, conducting settlement negotiations and preparing for trial.

“A succinct story of key facts is critical to laying the foundation for strategic legal work, but developing a timely and thorough case narrative is challenging, especially in fast-moving matters,” said Andrea Levine, a Managing Director at FTI Technology. “Getting in front of the narrative quickly requires the smart application of analytics, rather than a manual review of individual documents. Our Story Development solution takes this approach, providing clients with memos and summaries detailing the meat of a matter, helping them determine how a document population will impact their strategy and case goals early on.”

FTI Technology’s Story Development services support legal teams in reducing the time and cost spent on fact discovery at every stage of a case. The offering provides counsel with:

  • Fact memos: Comprehensive accounts and organization of key events and individuals in narrative form for early and ongoing case assessment. Supports counsel in understanding the links between documents and the strengths and weaknesses of various arguments.
  • Witness summaries: Detailed analyses of an individual’s relevant knowledge, actions, communications and responsibilities to assist counsel with client interviews and defending from and collecting critical information through offensive questioning.
  • Chronologies: A breakdown of timing for all events relevant within a matter (key dates, times, individuals and communications threads), spanning multiple issues and key players.

As a case progresses, FTI Technology’s team can work closely with counsel to provide ongoing assessment of evolving storylines or offensive and defensive theories to help counsel understand the likelihood of success at trial or closing of an investigation.

Story Development is offered in addition to existing e-discovery services that range from Find Facts Fast analytics research at the outset of a matter to a fully managed review. These services leverage industry-leading analytics and discovery platforms, including Relativity, Brainspace and Nuix Discover.

“As one of the largest managed review providers in the industry, our team utilizes analytics technology and advanced workflows to surface important data quickly,” said David Grant, a Senior Managing Director at FTI Technology. “Our Story Development solution is a natural complement to our Find Facts Fast research and managed review solutions, in that it provides our clients with strategic advantages in developing and successfully resolving matters.”

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