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FTI Consulting’s Technology Segment Expands Corporate Legal Operations Services

Comprehensive Suite of Capabilities Addresses Technology Modernization and Top Law Department Priorities
Press release

Washington D.C, November 16, 2021 — FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced that the Technology segment has expanded its suite of Corporate Legal Operations Services designed to support and advise in-house legal teams as they work toward legal technology modernization, department transformation and operational efficiency. With an emphasis on optimizing investments across people, process and technology, FTI Technology’s legal operations capabilities help organizations establish greater flexibility, mitigate risks and improve solution implementation and adoption.

Chief legal officers are under pressure to expand the scope of their role and impact, while also reducing costs. This has prompted a significant rise in the reliance on in-house legal operations professionals—a role that has grown by nearly 75% since 2018 according to research from CLOC—and a growing list of initiatives legal teams must plan, implement and manage. A recent survey from FTI Technology and the Blickstein Group found that at the top of these initiatives are technology deployments to enable legal spend analysis and reporting, workflow automation, contract management and matter management. But even with dedicated legal operations leadership, most teams are struggling with implementation, integration, training and adoption and require outside expertise to successfully roll out new systems.

“We now know, from industry surveys and countless conversations with corporate clients, that the role of in-house counsel has expanded dramatically in the last two years,” said Jake Frazier, a Senior Managing Director and global head of the Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice within the FTI Technology. “With that shift, law departments are now leaning on legal operations initiatives to prioritize greater operational efficiency, internal control and transparency. Our legal operations capabilities address these key objectives and are built upon the collective expertise of our e-discovery, investigations, compliance and information governance teams to help clients evaluate their technology needs and deploy new processes and tools that are impactful and best suited to deliver a clear return.”

In support of legal operations and law department digital transformation, FTI Technology partners with in-house legal teams to develop a comprehensive assessment of the legal function, technology in place or under consideration and future objectives. Our experts provide a mix of services and technology across key areas including:

  • Strategy and operating models for financial management, strategic planning, cross-functional alignment, road mapping and technology modernization advisory. This includes the design and roll-out of legal spend analysis, e-billing, dashboards, matter management and vendor management programs.
  • Process improvement for litigation and investigations, information governance and records management, through data policy development and implementation, e-discovery support and investigation workflow consulting.
  • Digital and departmental transformation support, from technology selection and implementation to integration, calibration and change management, so tools are aligned with workflows and in-house resources to ensure adoption and process improvement.
  • Data strategy, reporting and analytics that enables informed decision making across load balancing, hiring, outsourcing and governance.

Deana Uhl, a Managing Director within FTI Technology, added, “In legal operations, do more with less is the name of the game. Without a clear plan forward, initiatives designed to deliver efficiencies and cost savings will fall short, yet many teams simply don’t have the resources or specialization needed to address every potential pitfall across every new project or technology implementation. Our team consists of experts who have held in-house roles and understand the nuances of strategic planning and change management at the corporate level, and can apply that experience to help our clients transform their legal technology infrastructure and ensure their goals are attained.”

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