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FTI Technology Adds Attenex® Analysis and Review Software to Ringtail® Legal™

Company Launches New Product Offering under Unified FTI Technology Brand
Press release

NEW YORK, January 28, 2009 - FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE:FCN), the global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value, today announced that its FTI Technology segment is launching a new version of Ringtail Legal that provides significant advancements in the speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of e-discovery and document review. Less than a year after the acquisition of Attenex, the company has integrated two market-leading and award-winning applications to deliver a single e-discovery system of record, combining the visual analysis and rapid review capabilities of Attenex with the enterprise-class case management, redaction and production features of Ringtail Legal.

"The launch of this new version of Ringtail Legal demonstrates FTI's in-depth knowledge of the e-discovery process, and signals that it is serious about serving the most pressing needs of corporations,” said Vivian Tero, Program Manager, Compliance Infrastructure, with IDC.

The fully integrated review, analysis, redaction and production capabilities of Ringtail Legal enable an enhanced and streamlined workflow, all on one platform. Using the software, e-discovery teams at corporations, law firms or service providers can take very large data sets, run sophisticated search queries, and then create secure, focused assignments or “batches” for reviewers. Assignments, which can consist of hundreds or thousands of documents, can be quickly reviewed using patented Attenex clustering and visualization software. Legal review is the most expensive portion of e-discovery, comprising up to 80% of the e-discovery costs.  The addition of Attenex software speeds review by using content analytics to assess the data’s subject matter, and then clusters the information in visual representations based on the semantic, social and time relationships of the content. This allows legal teams to quickly and thoroughly parse through mountains of data to find the relevant documents and quickly mark and tag them for relevance and/or privilege without relying solely on keyword searches. Markings can be preserved for future matters, or used to help orient reviewers to incoming documents as matters grow in size and complexity. Reviewers can highlight and redact documents in preparation for future document productions. E-discovery project managers can then lock and manage productions for legal counsel.

“Combining the advanced analysis and rapid review capabilities of Attenex with the enterprise-class case management capabilities of Ringtail Legal completely changes the game in e-discovery and document review,” said David Remnitz, senior managing director and segment leader of FTI Technology. “Our clients will immediately benefit from the integration of two proven and market-leading products, resulting in greater efficiencies from processing through production. We’re extremely proud of this offering and of our team’s ability to deliver it so quickly after the acquisition of Attenex.”

Since FTI began offering Attenex Patterns software to its clients as a complement to Ringtail in 2004, the Attenex and Ringtail software suites have been used together on numerous high-profile and critical e-discovery projects — including internal investigations, case assessment, regulatory investigations, litigation and joint defense, as well as antitrust and competition investigations, including Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) “second requests.” The latest release of Ringtail Legal delivers the rapid review capabilities of Attenex with the enterprise-grade scale and security of Ringtail Legal without the need to move critical data between applications during legal review. Additionally, the latest release provides:

  • Fully integrated visual analysis, review, redaction and production capabilities: Data can be hosted for review and managed easily in one application.
  • Security: Ringtail Legal restricts document and field access based on reviewers’ user group memberships, providing project managers with the fine-grain control needed for sensitive investigations and complex litigation.
  • Flexibility: Users have unlimited flexibility in how and where they review data. Ringtail Legal is available as an on-demand tool through FTI and FTI partners as well as an on-premise software suite, providing budget-minded corporate legal departments with the choice of how and where the system is maintained, while enabling in-house or outsourced teams to review document assignments in a single, secure application.
  • Rapid understanding of data: Ringtail Legal combines advanced and multi-faceted search capabilities with Attenex visual analytics so that reviewers can more rapidly get a deeper understanding of the data. Legal teams can visualize document relationships both pre- and post-assignment creation to jump-start investigations as well as subsequent phases of review. Additionally, once the data is reviewed and tagged, the markings can be re-used in future matters, saving additional time and costs.
  • Smarter assignment creation: The software provides more than 20 types of search criteria as well as batch assignment creation so that project managers can more easily delegate and oversee review.
  • Increased confidence in the completeness of the review: Ringtail Legal allows review teams to quickly explore documents left unmarked or marked irrelevant, ensuring that no vital documents are left out of the matter.
  • Customizable for each phase of review: Whether using Ringtail Legal for an early case assessment, first pass review, privileged materials review or a custom project review workflow, the software can be configured to meet client’s changing requirements.  Each phase of review can be streamlined for maximum flexibility and optimal understanding of the document set.
  • Scalability: The Ringtail Legal database is massively scalable and can support matters involving multiple terabytes (TBs) of data.

Unified brand for Software, Consulting and Services to Meet Growing Market Need
Recent surveys show that Fortune 1000 corporations are managing, on average, over 500 legal and regulatory matters at any one time. The scope of these matters can range from smaller investigations involving a few gigabytes of data to large-scale “bet-the-company” types of cases in which hundreds of terabytes of data are collected for review as possible evidence. Often, companies are simply trying to find the easiest, most cost-effective and defensible processes and tools in which to secure the best possible outcome without disrupting the companies’ core businesses.

To help companies and their law firms meet these challenges, FTI has assembled its leading e-discovery software, services and consulting under one unified brand of FTI Technology. The FTI Technology segment, consisting of over 600 employees around the globe, offers on-premise and on-demand e-discovery software as well as complementary services and consulting to give customers unprecedented flexibility to address e-discovery challenges at any stage of the process. The legacy knowledge and unparalleled R&D investment that FTI Technology has focused on e-discovery uniquely positions the company to capture a large share of the e-discovery software market, which Gartner Research estimates will grow between 25% and 35% per year until 2012.  Gartner Research recently named FTI Technology as a “strong positive” in the 2008 MarketScope for E-Discovery Vendors report, one of only four vendors named in the highest category and the only one to offer software, consulting and services that span the entire e-discovery process.

The new Ringtail Legal software will be available for Ringtail on-demand customers in Q2 and for on-premise customers in Q3. For more information on Ringtail Legal and our other Ringtail software products, and how FTI Technology can help corporations and law firms address today’s e-discovery challenges, please visit  

About FTI Technology
FTI Technology, a segment of FTI Consulting, Inc., provides the software and services that empower corporations and their law firms to secure the best possible results for legal or regulatory matters, without disrupting their core business. More information can be found at or    

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