Press Release

FTI Technology Statement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Press release

We’re continuing to monitor the rise in coronavirus cases globally, and our thoughts and focus are first and foremost on the health and safety of our employees, clients, families and communities. We have established global and regional task forces to ensure that we are taking appropriate actions to keep our employees – and client interactions – safe in this evolving situation. Similar to many of our clients, a number of our employees are working from home.

We also want to reassure you that FTI is maintaining business continuity for you. Much of our work can be conducted remotely, and our IT infrastructure is secure and can scale to meet this increased demand. FTI’s global footprint enables us to direct work from one geography to another as appropriate. In most cases, we will be able to continue serving our clients with minimal-to-no disruption. We have also modified several of our existing services.

  • Virtual Managed Review (VMR): In response to COVID-19, our award-winning managed review service is now available through a secure, virtual environment. This includes vetted attorneys accessing FTI’s secure review environment with FTI-issued encrypted laptops, stringent remote review workflows and more than a dozen additional security protocols. VMR leverages industry-leading security practices, ensuring any review can be effectively executed with confidence. Learn more »
  • Remote forensics: With speed, discretion, and in accordance with relevant data protection laws, our expert team of digital forensics professionals can remotely preserve, collect and remediate data from employee devices and systems and provide reports on case intelligence. Learn more »

For all of our other teams and services, there are no changes. Teams are working safely and remotely on the important business of our clients, including on matters involving restructuring, liquidity and divestments:

  • Contract Intelligence: Leveraging advanced analytics, review teams and workflows to help clients assess contractual obligations and liability, including Force Majeure clauses, commercial terms, real estate agreements and employee contracts. Learn more »
  • Departing Employees: Ensuring clients do not lose valuable IP – client lists, business plans, R&D, etc. – should certain employees leave the company. Learn more »