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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women Across FTI Technology Champion Impact and Change

I strongly believe that diversity, inclusion and belonging for women is nurtured when women, collectively and individually, focus on impact and action. Each of us have an opportunity to find where we can make a difference. Forward momentum can only be achieved and maintained when we empower ourselves and the women around us to take initiative in the places where we want our voices heard, whether that be at work, our communities, the education system, advocacy efforts, etc.

In that spirit, women within FTI Technology contributed to the following Q&A to share their reflections on International Women’s Day and their unique experiences of building a career in Digital Insights & Risk Management.

What general comments do you have about women’s leadership and International Women’s Day?

Jessica de Brignac, Managing Director, U.S.: International Women’s Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women globally while raising awareness about gender inequality, but it is also a reminder to take concrete action to address gender inequality. I use it as a reminder to support women-owned businesses, recognize the women in my life that have positively impacted me, review the diversity initiatives I support, and take stock of how I personally am working to move the needle towards gender equality.

Gráinne Bryan, Senior Managing Director, Ireland: For me, women’s leadership entails creating opportunities for women to develop their leadership skills, break through traditional gender barriers and inspire future generations of female leaders. It is about recognizing and valuing the contributions of women in leadership and fostering an inclusive environment where women can thrive and lead effectively.

Is there a specific women’s issue you’re a champion of in the workplace? If so, what is it and why is it important to you?

Deedra Smith, Managing Director, U.S.: I’m passionate about ensuring that women’s voices are heard and valued in all decision making processes. I dedicate significant effort and time to encouraging and empowering other women to share their perspectives so that we can all contribute meaningfully at the table. I believe that companies are more successful when a diversity of voices help make their decisions.

Erica Albertson, Managing Director, U.K.: There’s a strong sense of community among women in e-discovery, especially in London, and we recognize the importance of inclusivity and collaboration to create a community where everyone can contribute and succeed. We all feel a sense of responsibility as role models and mentors for future generations of leaders, especially women. We work together to share knowledge and experiences to hopefully inspire and empower others to pursue their career goals in the e-discovery community.

How has FTI Technology supported you in advancing your career?

Evie Mackay, Managing Director, U.K.: We are provided a range of programs and initiatives to develop women leaders. More though, the cohort of women in leadership across the firm have had the greatest impact on my career. From day one, I’ve had the thoughtful investment of time and energy from women across Technology and the wider firm. My growth trajectory is a direct result of these women providing me with a sounding board, a thoughtful advisor and an advocate along the way.

Albertson: I have found that over the years the more senior I become in my career, the fewer women I have left above me to provide guidance and mentorship. One of the reasons that I chose to come to FTI Technology was because we have a large team of women partners and business leaders. It’s incredibly important for senior women to have other senior women to continue to grow and learn from.

While I think being a woman in technology comes with its own set of challenges, I also think if you’re with the right organisation, it brings as many opportunities for impact, growth and advocacy. As a leader, I recognize the resilience and strength that women in technology have and celebrate our ability to overcome obstacles and persevere. Working as part of an organisation who also believes in these values enables me to more easily empower and support other women in technology.

Smith: Working as a woman in the technology industry, especially in leadership roles, presents unique challenges due to the underrepresentation of females in the field. While it distinguishes us, it also subjects us to a spotlight that can sometimes feel oppressive. FTI Technology has programs and practices in place to help offset those challenges. For example, last year, I was supported in attending the Women, Influence & Power in Law conference, which was instrumental in establishing connections with female leaders in prominent companies and law firms. This year, I'm participating in the FTI WIN Managing Director Transformational Leadership Program, which further aids in my career growth.

Throughout my career, I’ve found that mentorship has been central to my success and to helping other women around me reach their goals. When I’m asked for career advice, I often encourage women to get involved with our FTI WIN program and to seek out women who they trust as potential mentors. What are your thoughts on the role mentorship between women plays in professional growth?

Bryan: I have actively sought mentorship and networking opportunities throughout my career. Building a strong support network and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, both women and men, has provided me with valuable insights, advice and opportunities for career growth. Mentorship also offered me support in navigating challenges, expanding my skills and gave me support in making strategic career decisions. I truly believe by actively engaging in mentorship and networking, women can gain valuable knowledge, develop confidence and expand their professional circles which can significantly contribute to their career advancement in the short, medium and long term.

Smith: Actively seeking out female mentorship has been instrumental in my career advancement. Connecting with experienced women in my field has provided invaluable guidance and support.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that has guided you through challenges and triumphs in your career?

Albertson: “The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of.” (Simon Sinek)

Smith: I find inspiration in the mantra "just keep swimming." While it originates from a Disney cartoon, it has helped me navigate through challenging situations and persevere with resilience.

Bryan: “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” (Doris Lessing) 

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