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Q&A: Joanne Dickson Discusses How FTI Technology Recruits and Retains Top Talent for Managed Review Projects


Jo, when looking at the current spectrum of managed review work, what is the biggest need you’re seeing right now?  

Outside of maintaining a deep bench of senior legal professionals with expertise in a variety of processes and e-discovery technologies, we need EMEA review attorneys who can bring foreign language expertise. Our teams are already doing a significant amount of foreign language review, so recruitment efforts centre on finding qualified lawyers with specific language skills. This focus allows us to have that expertise at the ready to run managed reviews efficiently and effectively, at a moment’s notice. For example, we have established a pool of native French speakers to suit the nuanced demand for native language and culture experience, as well as teams of Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian speakers who can be ready to onboard onto a client engagement in mere days. This is where we add tremendous value for clients.

What other skills are you searching for?

We foresee a lot more data subject access requests and data breach work on the horizon. So, that niche experience will be an area of focus over the coming months and year. We need more candidates with personal data expertise, and where it is limited in the market, we are identifying ways to build this capacity in house, while actively seeking diverse pools of candidates who can bring technical, legal and privacy expertise to review teams. It’s a dynamic environment, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on how trends develop and getting more and more creative as to how we recruit outside of our usual requirements to anticipate and serve emerging client needs.

How do reviewers develop if trying to gain that experience? 

We’re always working to upskill our people and are continually introducing new training opportunities. In the past year, we have been focused on our senior candidates who assist in quality control and team lead capacities. Our 2024 training offering includes further deep dive training modules for senior reviewers and also monthly sessions where our expert review managers provide technical and practical skills refreshes to reviewers of all levels. Looking ahead, we will be  adding focused training for different types of matters to deepen the expertise across investigation, DSAR, phase two merger clearance reviews and Find Facts Fast matters. This is one of the unique benefits our reviewers have access to by working with FTI Technology. They’re given opportunities to upskill and receive cross training to expand into new areas. We also encourage and enable collaboration with senior team members who reviewers can learn from by working alongside them.

What makes your job easier, recruiting for FTI Technology? 

We receive a lot of positive feedback that we stand out in the market because we invest in training and networking opportunities and we treat candidates with empathy and humanity. We’re mindful and considerate of candidate time throughout the recruitment, payroll and other onboarding processes. Equally important, our review managers are very thoughtful in how they engage with reviewers on what are often fast paced, high stakes matters.  

What are some other benefits review talent can expect when joining FTI Technology?

We now offer flexible and remote working arrangements and provide contractors with all the tools they need to work efficiently. Depending on the needs of each engagement, reviewers can work from anywhere in the U.K., or incorporate travel while working on projects that span across Europe or other regions.

Flexibility is also important to our reviewers and our clients. We allow reviewers to fit deliverables into the natural rhythm of their daily life, and in turn, we often have projects moving forward around the clock to ensure our clients’ needs are met even when timeframes are compressed. We also hold in-person events each year to provide a forum to come together, network, and learn from each other, to establish and nurture a sense of community.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the work you do?

We’re growing fast! To support our growth, we are very invested in meeting more reviewers, particularly candidates who want to grow in the industry, dig into quality control and be promoted into team lead roles. There’s a clear trajectory for talent at FTI Technology where good work leads to more work and more career opportunity, which comes with learning new skills, additional responsibility, pay raises and gaining experience across the managed review process from end to end.  

How to get in touch

For those interested in registering with FTI Technology, please reach out to We also offer a referral bonus. We also have a LinkedIn Group, “FTI Consulting - EMEIA Document Review Network,” for interested candidates to keep up to date with our latest opportunities and events, and where we also share market insight and other information.

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